New Business Practice: Intimidation

Union Street Guest House Lobby

The reason why businesses thrive in a difficult economy is customers. When a business big and small provides good products and services, customers will likely comeback. That is the reason. Customers who had a great experience, they will post their recommendations to sites like Yelp, Yahoo, Google to tell their friends, and strangers.  But most businesses are trying to do a common practice that affects their customers as well as their own, even if their reviews are right. They resort to intimidation.

Recently, a hotel in NY is giving a bad rap after posting on their website that every negative comment posted on Yelp, $500.00 will be deducted from their accounts unless they have that negative review removed. It seems that instead of working on what the customers wrote on Yelp, they are penalizing them even if their reviews are truthful. Not only that, their non-sense policies such as cancellation fees, booking for a room plus their rudeness and tackiness from their own employees seems clear to me that all they want is money in the worst way possible. Perhaps the hotel is in deed sinking, but right now their promotion has given them a bad reputation. Now that business is going to be in bankruptcy. And it isn’t the first one. Social media can reward or punish a company or business that could treat well or bad to it’s customers. Cause and effect and sadly businesses instead of fixing their flaws, instead they’re retaliate against them.

BBB is doing little to help customers deal with fraudulent tricks, so the next move will be Facebook, Yelp, Yahoo, Google to tell companies, that, hey! Customers are Always gonna be Right, no matter what! And they deserve the respect.