The Race War Started a Long Time Ago

Heroine Bree Newsome, climbed on a post and took the Confederate Flag down.

Heroine Bree Newsome, climbed on a post and took the Confederate Flag down.

I have been bombarded with these words on mainstream media outlets for a few weeks or perhaps months. The words “Race War” has been now on the topic after killer Dylann Roof assassinated nine people inside a church in Charleston, and one of his reasons to do such an act it’s because he wants to start a race war. But what he didn’t know is in reality, we are in the middle of it. We are living in a world that many who have the right credentials to acquire the right position for the job are cast aside because of their first names. In the short video by Brave New Films only half are facing this kind of discrimination based on their names and not because they’re not qualified for the job they wanted. Also, how you ever be a subject of surveillance while shopping? Shopping while Black, a common practice which involves a nosy clerk keeping an eye of minorities shopping in upscale shops for the fear of stealing, is as much humiliating as racial profiling in cities such as New York or Chicago. Stand Your Ground is the most dangerous because it’s an excuse to kill Blacks and Minorities just because they see them as a threat in their upscale neighborhoods. Meanwhile Public School Systems across this country have an unfair tactic to deny Blacks the right tools for education specially on poor neighborhoods, causing them to drop out. But don’t worry, the privatized jail system will take care of these youngsters into a life in and out of jail. Black women becomes the ridicule by having kids out of wedlock since they don’t have the same opportunities and confidence as Caucasian women. Black men gets killed or in prison so their dating pool is a more of a cloudy mess. It has been for decades, and you people think that eliminating the Confederate flag will solve this?

It takes more than putting the flag down to solve centuries of injustices, unfairness against a certain group of people who just for their skin tone, they can’t get the same opportunities and respect as Whites. The issue of racism is so deep and shameful, that it takes a long time to at least heal the dried wounds. It’s as almost impossible as singing Kumbaya in front of a band of tigers. Over the decades we had become the suffered, the cursed, the hated, the feared. We had also built resentments over the fact that the whites are cutting our goals short, giving us no other option than to survive even if it against their moral superiority or compass to live as long as possible.

But why we have to live under so much troubles? Isn’t the abolition enough for them to let us go, build a town, be ourselves? Isn’t the Civil Right Movements a cry for letting us do what we want to do to deaf ears? Isn’t the riots in Ferguson, Baltimore a physical approach to tell the damn world leave us the fuck alone or otherwise we will destroy your life as much as your lives destroys us? We have been cast aside, still under their thumb crushing up further into the abyss. Give us Liberty, Or give us death. Enough is Enough. We’re surviving for so long and it seems that if we don’t fight, we can’t win.

Not This Again!

Round 2, Fight!

This is how it sounds when so-called artists who depends on autotune to make them sing good, demand music streaming companies to pay them accordingly while fans are still recurring on bit torrent to listen. Again with Taylor Swift and her mighty than ass attitude, but this time with Apple, after the company is starting a streaming subscription service for 10 dollars a month. She, like a rotten spoiled rat (supported and influenced by music companies) removed her latest piece of crap album “1989” from their Apple lineup citing this stupid reason that the 3 month free trial that Apple offers, doesn’t pay artists a cent. Really? After, removing her catalog on Spotify after her temper tantrum last year because it pays “little” to artists when it fact it pays fairly based on the letter by the CEO of the company, now she’s trying to make with the “Music is valuable piece of art” crap and has to be compensated with the souls of the unworthy by trying to make a drama with Apple.

I’m sorry Taylor, but if you want to make yourself known, you should go on a tour, right? Sell merchandise, from T-shirts to undergarments. Make public appearances for interviews, perform for shows, do photoshoots and you say you have been paid little to nothing on Apple? That’s a crock of shit, Miss Taylor! If you don’t work hard, how can your fans are going to support your chipmunk album? Because basically, online music should be considered secondary, NOT primary to earn your check while you’re doing absolutely nothing but posting on gossip magazines, going on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to bitch and moan. Remember, your fans can lift you up, they can bring you down for every selfish attitude, every unfairness between them. They’re like the ocean, they move elsewhere so you’re NOT the primary piece of attention. There’s other artists who sacrifice their personal lives to give pure adulterated music to their fans, going on tour on a van, having setbacks and tribulations but still their commitment is to their fans, NOT to music companies. And Taylor is doing it wrong to support a cause that has NO merit because many “artists” in order to gain a buck they rely on software like Antares Autotune and correcting pitch software called Melodyne to make them sing good without a flaw while performing on lip sync. Doesn’t sounds like scamming the public in delivering a fraudulent product? I mean, if they don’t promise what the offer, will the customer will give the money back? In certain times, yes! Why NOT with music?

Apple music service Itunes, Spotify, Pandora, IHeartRadio support artists by giving them incentives to their royalties and that’s too much, basically the money goes to music companies first and then a portion goes to the artists instead of paying them accordingly. These online companies have to make upkeep on maintaining a site, updating their apps, software, ect… They’re not doing it for free, even if it says free, they have a handful of paid customers who pays a monthly sub to hold these services together. And that’s not only in that area. In the bi-weekly magazine The Inlander, music excecs visited a Karaoke bar incognito to then slap the owners of the bar with a bill for playing copyrighted music. But wait a minute here! The artist isn’t there so why the owners of the bar have to pay for a ghost? In the article a bar has to close it’s doors because it was too much, Miss Taylor. Even playing at least one of your crappy songs in a bar will cost them bankruptcy. It this is what you want, Miss Taylor for your fans? Listen one note and you demand them a thousand dollars per song? Music is valuable, but it’s more disrespected when it comes to be true to your fans and that includes your singing, Miss Swift.

Get off your high horse, woman! Music companies have to be in their place, not above it.

Support Independent Artists!

Listen Software Helps Singers Find Perfect Pitch

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Serious Update: I found that that Apple “decided” to pay artists even if it’s a trial period for their streaming subscription service. I don’t know how they’re gonna come up with that… from their Itunes sales, perhaps? Can customers realize this is a ruse to make you pay more instead of the 10 dollars a month just for a petulant child? If they want to pay more, artists have to work their butts off.

Double Standards

Yesterday, I got curious about different types of wigs available at different outlets like, Hairsisters, even Amazon and it makes me think some of the issues regarding my race and myself. We want to be different, right? So, why society is always denigrating us if we wear our real “natural” curls or dreadlocks, extensions and wigs when white women are always praised for imitating our hairstyles?

There’s a lot of reasons for using wigs and extensions from we want to be different, to health issues like allopecia and the most devastating Cancer. There’s a lot of types of wigs that contours to our face frame to look more natural and more youthful in some cases. But society has a game for us to play and we’re losing it. First of all by calling us names like Hairhat. This offensive name crush the self-esteem of Black Woman and discourages Black Women to be  different. But you never hear the words on a white woman. Instead, it’s just the opposite. Compliments and applause are there to levitate her high self-esteem even higher.

I just wonder, what’s going on? The media is controlled by whites. Everything that doesn’t seem good with the Black woman, in their opinion are trying to bump in “her place.” By placing denigrating comments about how she dressed, her hair style and her pose. It seems to me that in the scheme of things, they want to see Black Women with no choice to look like this:

Than this:

In the case of Zandaya’s dreads, a disgraceful woman, Guilliana Rancic commented that her hair smells like Patchouli oil or weed when Zandaya showed her beautiful dreads at the Oscars. And it’s not the first case or the last. Now it’s Raven’s turn when she dyed her hair gray recently and the insults are pouring in.

The media didn’t focused on her beautiful dress, instead they focused on bashing on her hair color.

Another issue. What’s the problem with the word Natural? I never see the word implanted in a white woman, so why we have to accept this term in our daily lives? Isn’t because we’re artificial? Isn’t because we wear wigs and weaves? Or isn’t because white society wants to put names on us while they’re nameless? For me, the word Natural is as worst as Hairhat because my hair is my own, I don’t need labels, I don’t need a sticker on my chest that says, my hair is natural, my face is black, my body is overweight come and belittle me if I’m not perfect to your liking.

For me, if I want to wear wigs or weaves to my hair it’s because I want to feel good, not because I’m hating myself or my race like many people assume over the years. Black women needs a lift me up from time to time. If they want to wear their own hair, they can, if they want to wear their extensions, that’s fine. It’s their choice, so stop bashing, bullying, denigrating Black women because of their uniqueness. As for me, I have a huge list to buy wigs.


I had to think on my busy schedule how a white woman decided to “pretend” being Black for the whole world to see how terrible her acting went over the years. Rachel Dolezal still is breaking news, about how she cover her identity, put so darker make up on or tan, changed her hairstyle or perhaps use wig to pass as Black. She could study the whole course about African History, African American History but if she didn’t experienced first hand the humiliation, the mental, physical and even sexual abuse, the discrimination when it comes to get a job just because of being Black. Dolezal didn’t faced any bullying in schools, perhaps she was living a happy childhood, just like some white kids. The problem however started when she was in college, and then it started the lie of being portrayed as as Black woman. But she’s doing it wrong! How come you see a Black Woman with blue eyes? Real blue eyes, not using contacts. Another thing, why she changed her natural blond hair in prior pictures with braids, of course, to wild black curls? It’s not a fashion statement to become something that has no place in their lives. It’s modern life blackface.

Dolezal was just pretending a race that didn’t have nothing to identify with, used it for her own benefit of earning money at speeches and telling everyone that she struggled. Struggled on what? Copying stories of real Black women and claiming as her own? It seems to me that the damage is already done when the Black community were trying so hard to keep their heads high in all of this to then this white bitch came in and ruined it for all of us. It’s like you’re doing a nice party and then some vermin come out to make a disaster of epic proportions that you have to send your guests away. It feels like that, every time news from this person comes to the mainstream media, there’s a lot of important aspects of fixing the Black community issues that are left and abandoned because of this clown.

And the NAACP of Spokane should know better. If they’re supposedly for us, why they hired this lie of a speaker to be the voice of the Black people without knowing her background check? I’m glad that reporter Jeff Humphrey from KXLY uncovered her lies after almost 7 minutes of “let her be having her minutes of fame” to then show her a photo of her white daddy in front of her face and ask the question: “Is this your father?” followed by “Are you African-American?” That would shut her off the moment she walked away and hide herself in a nearby boutique.

The thing is, this race war we’re losing because of humiliating incidents such as this where a Caucasian jackass or a bitch say things or do things that bring our whole purpose, goal, movement down. I hope we continue to move forward and clean up this mess, organize ourselves and move along against these deep roots of racism, even with violence if necessary to get our point here. Out with the old, In with the new. We still have a lot of work to do.


Black Girl

White Girls, a so and so comedy from the Wayans brothers explained two undercover cops impersonating two white socialites girls to protect the real ones. Not only they have to dress like females, but also use paint and latex skins to look white.

Turns out in real life, it seems more twister and perhaps sinister.  Sadly, in the Northwest, the president of the Spokane NAACP, Rachel Dolezal was portraying a Black Woman for years when in fact she was born white. Her estranged parents said so in a news interview from CNN and bought a picture of Dolezal when she was a kid with blonde long hair and light hazel eyes. “She’s being deceptive and dishonest with her identity” her mother spoke during the interview. In the report by many media outlets, she wasn’t born in Black neighborhoods, instead she was born in Montana from White parents. I don’t know what happened while she was living in the vast mountain views of Montana, but she wasn’t grew up in the Ghetto, or deal with constant discrimination, denigration and humiliation by the Whites like we endured. In fact, she was making a portrayal of herself as a victim by formulating lies for example whe she was living in North Idaho, she was threatened with a noose over to her house among other drama queen shows to then be fired from a non-profit organization in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho.

But then the NAACP regional president Gerald Hankerson instead of doing it right and fire this freak, they support her and then stating that “We represent all civil rights issues regardless of a person’s ethnicity” should be fired as well for this screw up. The NAACP has landed hard, not only by several controversies over the years but in fact by allowing Caucasians to work without knowing Black issues.  Its merely an insult that despite there real African-American women who could be working and participating at this organization, they choose a clown to portray their own race.

I’m glad the truth came out.

Christian Hypocrisy

Now, the bash in on, people!

I used to believe in Christianity and sadly my family is strict Pentecostal, which means that women can’t wear pants because of Deuteronomy 22:5, can’t cut their hairs and dress modestly. But what intrigued me was the horrendous amount of gossip, followed by inappropriate behaviors such as stealing, lying and fornication aka fucking. I was sick of it, literally that I opted to leave and follow the other road.

What intrigues me is the huge amount of stupid individuals thinking that just because they see something that doesn’t blend into their beliefs, that means they have to cut it from the roots. In the case of the son of Billy Graham,  Franklin who is trying to force “Christians” to boycott Wells Fargo Bank because of an ad featuring a lesbian couple. But he didn’t understand what’s that ad is all about.

Ok, if you watched this ad it didn’t show nothing about two girls kissing, grouping or having sex. In the one minute ad it shows the couple learning sign language in order to have an adoption of a deaf girl. It’s not offensive, it’s rather inspiring to see the determination these women had to communicate with their new daughter. So, just because it shows two mommies, Franklin decided to withdraw all the money that his daddy has founded out of Wells Fargo and into another bank which is still in the same category as supporting the Gay and Lesbian community. His tantrum on Facebook doesn’t say nothing much but an immature jackass who just because it didn’t show mom and dad in an ad, he could whine and bitch. Dude, first of all this bank is trying to attract the Lesbian and Gay community because they have more money than your sorry ass. It’s part of business. Second, Well Fargo is a private entity which means that they can do what ever the fuck they wanna do. If they want to show drag queens on an ad asking for a loan, that’s their thing. They want to reach the biggest group of customers and that’s why they’re trying to give the attention to the Gays and Lesbians. Third, one customer isn’t gonna hurt one bit not even with your millions that were placed because your father was soliciting like a homeless guy looking for something to eat. The difference however is there’s a lot of rich people who worked their ass off using their services. This isn’t going to bankrupt Wells Fargo, instead there’s a lot of people who are interested in opening an account because of that screw up you caused.

And to top it up here another one from Luke 6:41-42

And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but perceivest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Either how canst thou say to thy brother, Brother, let me pull out the mote that is in thine eye, when thou thyself beholdest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thine own eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to pull out the mote that is in thy brother’s eye.

The thing is Mr. Graham is how can you judge without knowing their purpose in life when your life is messed up and even more with this snafu of a disaster you caused?


Last week, Vanity Fair posted on their cover, former male Bruce Jenner dressed in a beige swimming suit with long hair and lipstick introducing himself to the world as Caitlyn. The media went wild in giving him their opinions of his decision of being a woman. Nothing far from the truth. Then the bashlash started on memes when a lot of the veterans were upset in using the words courage, valor, sacrifice to a man who hates his gender and did everything to change what he became. And now ESPN is going to give the Arthur Ashe award to Jenner despite there’s three other deserving individuals who left a mark in the sports as well as their community. But what Jenner did to deserve this award? He didn’t participate in any sports ever since the late 80’s. He was trapped with the Kardashians until he left last year to pursue his lifestyle as a transgendered “woman.” How hating his own gender constitutes courage? How leaving his family behind constitutes valor? How being in the spotlight to see his “transformation” constitutes sacrifice? ESPN didn’t grasp that, it was all for the fashion statement at the moment instead of what is deserving to give these awards to people who actually made a name from themselves.

The issue with transgenders are simple, they hate their bodies they’re born with, so they start a destructive behavior of hating it, and hating themselves for it. Some noticeable than others and then boom… they decided enough is enough and they’re start this change by taking some pills at a time to control or eliminate their testosterone in men or increase it in women. If they have the money, they will do their final and dangerous procedure which is Sex re-assigment surgery which cost a group of a thousand dollars. Some will receive family support, others will be on their own. Some will live but others die because the pressure is so bad specially by society standards, they often commit suicide.

And then you wonder how this constitutes courage?

Courage is loving your body, appreciate it, nourish it, make it healthy. Accepting it!

Jenner and others from the transgender community can’t accept themselves. Can’t appreciate themselves, can’t nourish their bodies they come up with and they’re NOT accepting who they are. They’re accepting an illusion of what they could be.

Valor is respecting themselves and others.

How can transgenders valor themselves when they’re destroying their identity and role they’re given and destroying their family, their parents, their brothers and sisters?

Sacrifice is abandoning their selfishness to focus on and helping others.

How can becoming a man or a woman is sacrifice when all they think about is themselves and being focused on themselves alone without thinking about the consequences of their actions? Without thinking about what their own family think? They could get the support, but the damage is already done as their family members slowly are drifting apart from them.

How can transgender constitutes these words to themselves when they’re actually cowards?

This is plain and harsh words for all the public that thinks that Bruce’s Jenner change of gender is the most “admirable” act of courage when in fact is a selfish act of destruction for themselves and their loves ones. And an act of cowardly because they can’t accept who they are born with, they’re creating an cover-up of what they want to be.


Writer’s Note: This is my own opinion not based on religious backgrounds. This is based on the openness of transgenders in the mainstream media, when this matter have to be dealing it in the privacy of their own homes.