Invasion of Privacy In Progress

A manager barista at a Starbucks in Queens, NY is fired for “snapping” at a customer. The reason is simple, the customer took a cookie straw for the drink without paying while she was waiting for her coffee. The customer then checked her phone on her app to supposedly pay it and then the barista snapped at Ruby Chen to get her attention. That’s when someone decided to record what happened later and posted on youtube. Subsequently, Chen received a $100.00 gift card while the manager got fired. End of Story.

That’s it?

What about the guy or girl behind the camera phone who record the incident? He or she had a lot to say to cause a customer to feel “entitled” and a manager to lose her job on the spot. Did he or she asked permission to post the video of the incident? Permission of anyone involved? One of the common rules of photography and video is to ask permission to take photos or video for personal or commercial use. With the proliferation of cameras in smartphones, people are becoming a bit of a bad amateur “reporters” recording or taking pictures of events affecting their space or their world around them. Sadly, videos like these make a negative mark on the outcome of events. Not only aren’t effective, but in some cases it’s inconclusive. The guy or girl behind the camera caused a hardworking woman losing her job and reputation and there’s no evidence of what caused the manager to snap at Ruby Chen.

By the way, taking a video without written permission from anyone involved and posted on youtbube constitutes invasion of privacy. He or she should be accountable for simply recording the argument between the employee and the customer for defamation. And for Starbucks for not investigating further into why the manager acted that way.

Like any other job, there’s various reasons for this manager to act that way. It could be from stress to dealing with unruly, obnoxious customers, to even dealing with thieves specially in a place such as Queens. Starbucks shouldn’t fire her because of a incomplete video that a person shot without her consent.

At least, to protect businesses and employees from entitled customers they should NOT allow smartphones in the premises or at least keep it off during their visits. Just like Hospitals do, to avoid confidentiality problems. I see a lot of videos of unruly customers and employees on youtube for bullying purposes without permission.

I hope this manager could sue the company for harassment, and the guy who took the video for invasion of privacy. It’s not easy to be infamous for 15 minutes and lose it all in a second. She have a solid case, with the right representation she can win.

The Running Man

This movie adaptation by sci-fi writer Phillip K. Dick tells the story of a former police officer framed and convicted for murdering thousands of civilians. He have to prove his innocence, but there’s one thing. Digital enhancements will convince the public he committed those crimes instead of real evidence to claim his innocence and the real story of it was he was trying to save those people. But enough of this story, this is the real thing. The Boston Bombing from the beginning was full of conspiracies that stern from fake blood, fake actors and fake deaths to then photographed and send it up for social media to see. Before this attack, there were trained exercises for catastrophes such as these in Boston days prior. There’s tons of evidence that the Boston Bombing is a inside job, just like they did on 9/11 but in a small scale with the same results. Now, they have to find the culprits to this act, and the government incriminated two youngsters that are foreign followed by placing the weapon in question and so it starts the show.

In a weird chain of events, the “authorities” “killed” Tamerlan Tsarnaev and injured his younger brother Dzhokhar, placing him in a supermax prison until his trial and later without real and conclusive evidence, he is in death row. There’s a lot of evidence and proof, these youngsters weren’t the responsible culprits to the attack. Countless of youtube videos and websites shows photos and videos of the real responsible of the attack, but the mainstream media ignores and discard it since it can incriminate the whole government at fault. The Tsarnaev brothers were the pawns in this game and their lives are being paid in blood. Meanwhile, the mainstream media continues to vilify Dzhokhar and connect him with Muslim beliefs but due to the secretive gag in effect, they can’t tell the government is responsible for this incident. They can’t tell the truth! They can’t handle the truth, otherwise their news source will be vanished as well.

At least, there’s citizens out there questioning about this incident and they’re NOT backing up. Sadly, millions of people are “happy” and convinced with the decision even thought the proof and real evidence are hidden and buried.



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We Don’t Want Your Pity

A college so-called professor at Duke University blatantly criticized the Black community and worst comparing to the Asian community by stating that:

  • Their first strange names are lack of integration.
  • Black people are less prone to interracial relationships.
  • Asians followed Martin Luther King while Blacks follows Malcolm X.
  • Blacks people wants to make other people feel sorry for themselves.

Ok, this 80 year old not only is acting his age as a dumb clueless geezer, but also an ignorant, biased racist prick in commenting such offensive words of stupidity and acted like he’s living in the pre-civil rights era. He should be fired on the spot, but Duke University has a very sketchy reputation as planting nooses around campus. So, I doubt it would happen.

Now, back to the subject. Who the hell, everyone thinks that Blacks don’t want to overcome their social, financial obstacles? We have been enduring these and other ills that society has been offered to us for a long time, and this is their response after the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore? That we’re given up? That we’re lazy? That we’re not in the position to “assimilate?” Oh, and the worst, that we’re becoming animals in the jungle? Black people want to get their message clear, we don’t want your pity. We don’t want your business destroying our dreams. And we don’t want to be compared with other races about how we’re under on everything and bad on other things. We don’t need statistics to make a point that we’re the rotten apple of America based on their “standards.”


We want to be respected, feel respected. Enough with the bashing, humiliation, bullying and offensive remarks in the media!

We want to achieve our dreams and goals with fairness. When I say fairness, it’s not giving someone a job because he or she’s of color, is because of him or her accomplishments that could be an asset to a business, not a decoration. Not a excuse that they have a “diverse” personnel.

We want to be ourselves. We cannot act or pretend something that we’re not in order to assimilate their culture when they mocking ours and consider it as theirs from our hair styles, to our music to our clothing styles.

We don’t want your pity. Seriously, we don’t want your fake tears and your caring when your ancestors crushed our fathers, mothers dreams and hopes, and split our families in half, or should I say destroy our families to be one single family household. We don’t want your “caring” when society put young black males into the penal system or threatened, assaulted or dead by the hands of the law.

And finally,

We want to be left alone! Enough with the false feeling of diversity and equality when in reality, we can’t even move forward, not even an inch. If Whites doesn’t want us, why the hell we keep pushing them to be accepted, to like us? If they have a chance, we could be obliterated from the face of the earth by them. Who knows, maybe segregation could be the answer of racial tensions as building our own nation instead of that word being labeled as racist and shame.

And perhaps Professor Hough could GTFO, and move to the next stage in his sour, foul life, a crappy nursing home.


Since the recession in 2008, we still didn’t seem the relief that mainstream news has been delivering for the past months about the words “more jobs” and “economy is getting better.” But who’s getting better? The employers or the employees? The Corporations? One thing is for certain is that many manufacturing, industrial jobs that used to pay high wages are being gone and have been moved overseas. Instead, the retail, service and food industries are going to be the next in line, because of the fact that many employees are demanding higher pay as low as $15 dollars an hour for menial tasks. This could be the end of labor, as viewed by the greedy corporations since they cataloged employees as liability not as a benefit or an asset to their company. Human employees need something in return for their service, they get ill and they’re NOT loyal. They could leave as soon as they find a better opportunity elsewhere. They have to be screened from background checks to criminal convictions and drug tests to find out if they’re the perfect candidate.

After all the “loss” of money corporations has been losing, corporations can’t stand the chance in acquiring an alternative to earn revenue instead of losing and sadly these human employees are going to be replaced by machines. Hardware store Lowes is starting the “revolution” by adding robotic assistants to their stores starting in California. The same state that Walmart shut down one of their five stores. Also, the majority of the retail stores like Walmart, Costco, and others have been using self-checkout without the help of cashiers. Eliminating the cost of human labor in half. In other terms human labor is being replaced. They’re replaceable. They can do tasks in less time, more efficient than humans. And Corporations like this idea.

Sadly, with the defense of the Unions for humans, they can’t have an idea of how catastrophic would be if companies rely on machines instead of human labor. Humans cannot get any other jobs, the unemployment rate would triple. Poverty would take ground, millions of parents will rely on Government programs taking it’s toll on states, homelessness would be the new normal.

I’m not against robots, since companies can divide robots and humans workforce instead of be fully dependable on these machines. But sadly, companies are doing the opposite. Telling the whole world, you humans are fired!

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It Seems They Had Won

I felt a false relief, when the top prosecutor announced charges against 6 police officers for killing an unarmed man Freddie Gray days prior. As I searched the photos of the 5 men, 1 woman I was puzzled, dumbfounded to find the driver, officer Caesar R. Goodson, Jr faced with the most severe punishment which he could be in jail for 30 for depraved heart murder. I never heard or know these words slapped along with this man’s photo. What’s worst is that this man is African-American. The rest of the 5 received mostly involuntary manslaughter. In the video it doesn’t show Godson being involved in the scuffle with Gray, it was the two white officers who were the first to deliver the damage. It was these officers who push Gray into the van without putting the seat belt on him. It was these two men who put shackles on his legs. Godson was driving. And by means driving it was basically the Nickel Ride. It’s a common practice all around the US where instead of obeying the law they take advantages of loopholes to punish criminals, without using physical force or weapons.

Another issue, What are the reasons for his arrest? All the mainstream media focused solely on Gray’s abuse at the hands of the Police, but rarely it shows the cause of his arrest. Based on one source, it shows Gray has an outstanding criminal record starting when he was just 18 years old. And the most controversial, even three arrests in a month. Why that much? Over the fact that he was smoking weed? Over the fact that police wants to add another person into the for profit jail system? And I forgot, why the cause of his last arrest. It was because he was carrying a knife.

Are you serious? A knife?

Yes, In the Guardian, Baltimore Police stopped Gray over the excuse to find a switch blade knife in his possession. I just wonder Baltimore isn’t the same as Idaho where I see a lot of guys carrying these types of weapons even at Walmart. But in the inner cities in Baltimore, it’s classified as “dangerous.” You know what’s dangerous? A group of cops that kidnaps young African-Americans to place them into the jail system destroying their purpose, their dreams and their hopes for the future.

Meanwhile, the damage is done. They did justice, but with the wrong guy to start with, instead of putting these men who were in the video responsible for Gray’s death. It seems like a slap in the hand for these two while the guy who drove the van to the police station, was the pawn of the puzzle to destroy the #BlackLivesMatter movement. It’s still the same chain, still the same methods to denigrate, destroy and humiliate African-Americans in the most subtle way possible. And we’re losing.

Stupid is as Stupid Does… Ma’am…

Before going to my daily routine of playing violent, gory games on my TV, I just want to add a few comments about this person… Tamah Jada Clark.

She appeared on the news as a person who have some sort of mental issues, but in reality she is making an embarrassment of herself and the ones she’s trying to “defend.” Writing a nine page legal brief to U.S. District Judge Willis B. Hunt full of expletives and offensive insults against his character, doesn’t mean she’s fully educated.

The fact of the matter is Judge Hunt dismissed her civil rights complaint for her arrest in 2010 when she was carrying semi-automatic weapons. If she have proof that she own these guns, she must show that proof to the police. Instead, as any other person, it was just for show. How come a woman have to carry semi-automatic weapons in her vehicle? And the reason is to break her husband in prison? Sound crazy, right? But wait a minute! This is not all! She filed a complaint citing that her civil rights were violated which the judge dismissed it. And there you have it. An angry woman writing insults, having such a power trip that she can write and learn law in a month and still, talks like an old ghetto queen by writing such a low standard legal brief ignoring the most important issue. Why she thinks her civil rights were violated? How it occurred? Who were the persons involved? When and where she could remember details, words, actions that was insulting or dangerous towards herself? And the most important thing: If she have a freaking Lawyer!

Writing insults in all those nine pages towards the Judge, is totally a waste of time. And also she could have another charge for threatening a Judge which is something she definitely don’t want, but hell, the Justice system is corrupted anyway, but going against Goliath in such an immature, no merit arguments in nine piece of paper without proof is like trying to do a homerun with a foam bat.

Our Heritage is NOT for Sale

Yesterday, mediocre comedian Adam Sandler got a huge surprise when a group of Native American actors walked out of the set, angered and offended by Sandler’s project of a comedy western for Netflix called “The Ridiculous Six.” The group of the Navajo nation were reading the script given to them and there were noticing a lot of actions and names that considered offensive to them specially to the elderly and women. So, enough was enough and they walk off. Their heritage, their race is NOT for sale. They endured a lot over centuries and they’re still struggling, and here’s a guy who ask the so-called producers what he should do. And these producers gave him the okay in delivering a movie that stereotyping Native Americans negatively. And after that, these producers were telling them if you guys are so sensitive, you should leave, and that’s what they did. They have pride.

If African-Americans were imitating that action and attitude to Hollywood, that would be another story. We could have pride where others have been taking it for so long in stereotyping roles that are negative to their race by not accepting these roles and create classy actors studio to build a positive role model for Blacks. But sadly, we don’t take pride in ourselves unless they show the dollar around like showing up to a low class stripper so they can put the food on the table. It’s sad what the African-Community acting has been come up in the last decades. If it’s not a slave, is a maid. If it’s not a maid, is a drug addict or a stripper. If it’s not a stripper, is a thug, or a drug dealer or perhaps a gangbanger. If is not a gangbanger it’s a prisoner or a rapper. And so, on when it comes to roles. And it has to stop right now!

Kudos to the Navajo Nation for defending themselves and NOT buying their culture, their heritage to Hollywood to make offensive “fun” aimed at them! I hope Netflix will reconsider and cancel that project, finding someone who has double the talent that this jackass don’t have.