We Don’t Need Acceptance

Here’s the deal loud and clear. We don’t need to make other races “happy” with what we do. At the Oscars it was just they deserve the best awards, the great dresses, the great pampering celebration that actually doesn’t make sense for crappy movies they have done over the years. Hollywood make movies, but with the lack of diversity and equality in past years it seems it has been back to it’s white “splendor.” The snubbing or should I say ignoring the movie “Selma” in this year’s Oscars have been prove that no matter how elaborated, creative and how much effort they put in, still Caucasians doesn’t sees Blacks as their equals. Not even in Music, the Arts, sports and politics. Selma isn’t worth any Oscar nominations because it’s a jewel that identifies the struggles of Africans-Americans for the right to vote.  It is a story of perseverance, seeking their own identity to have a place that Caucasians deny them not only after slavery but for centuries, and the whites doesn’t like to be portrayed as the evil dimwits that if they have a chance they could eradicate the Black people. The ones that have been bringing up movies about Black People as the criminals, the defeated slaves, the battered single mothers, but by seeing Selma, they just rather ignore it and place just two nominations.

Well… honestly I don’t care a fuck about the Oscars, Grammys, American Music Awards and so on created by this elite. Even so, the first African-American who won the Oscar for supportive actress in the movie “Gone With The Wind”,  Hattie McDaniel was treated as if she doesn’t exist and instead of giving the familiar statue, it was just a silly little plaque that is still not found even after her death in 1952. Selma showed realism and heartfelt emotion taken from a event that happened decades ago and sadly the white elite want the movie “Selma” buried.

When good artists in music are black, mostly the white elite chooses the worst instead of giving the good ones the opportunity they deserve. That’s why Azealea Banks commented during an interview with Hot97 in December:

“I feel, just like in this country, whenever it comes to our things, like black issues or black politics or black music or whatever, there’s always this undercurrent of kind of like a, ‘Fuck You.’ There’s always like a, ‘Fuck y’all, niggas. Y’all don’t really own shit, Y’all don’t have shit.'”

So, why Blacks are trying so hard to try to favor Whites? They don’t owe us anything, they don’t have anything to compensate the damage they caused for centuries so why we have to please them? That’s why Blacks cannot move forward. If they do their arts, their own music, their own identity without expecting acceptance from them, they will get their own rewards. Not necessarily in dollar and cents, not in awards but to make themselves valuable within the community, not outside it.

Body & Color Conscious

Three days ago I checked in some mornings the news and on Infowars.com it featured a photo of a “overweight” Black woman sitting on a chair that is too small for her size. On the tittle it says “Is This is the New Poster Child for 3rd Wave Feminism?” As I read the co-called column, my anger was at it’s boiling point. I listened to his radio program, not everyday, but it always telling about conspiracy theories involving vaccines, corruption involving the government and the dangers of capitalism. But it’s not only the column that angers me, it’s the comments below that seriously took my toll into not listening to this clown anymore. Comments like:

“She’s Fat”
“She’s Disgusting”
“She’s Stinks”
“She’s Nasty”
“Fat Cow”
“Jabba the Slut”

This is some of their opinions of what they see a black woman with extra hips sitting on a chair. The woman in the photo is Mikel Ruffinelli, who lives in California, married and have three kids. What they don’t put in the “report” is that she have a physical condition named Lipedema which is a chronic illness that accumulates fat tissue in the legs, hips and belly and it activates in puberty and more commonly on after pregnancy. People make up wrong up assumptions and judged this woman without knowing the facts. Mikel stated that “I just think that society hasn’t learned that it needs to make things bigger. It’s ok to make things bigger. What’s the problem?” And then everybody went haywire over that comment and criticized her for being overweight, fat, lazy, and play the name calling name on social media. She’s NOT lazy, since she’s working on getting a degree in Psychology and she’s a plus sized model and she got in the Guinness Book of Records for having the world’s biggest hips. I don’t see how she’s labeled all those cruel names acting like bullies without knowing the real facts.

Another issue of this column is exaggerating the story to make an impact. Focusing on feminism with poor health choices to make a point that isn’t true. Mikel wasn’t talking about feminism and neither making poor health choices although her calorie intake is almost 3,000 a day. She specifically make a fact that many plus sized women and men experienced when it comes to fashion, accommodations and other issues that society  have to be a little bit emphatic about their needs. Not everyone who’s overweight can’t lose weight in a day, can’t afford bariatic surgeries to try to eat less and can’t do exercise because of their knees or other conditions. And being overweight isn’t a path of self-pity, giving up their physical appearance, but one of the causes of medication or physical problems caused by puberty or pregnancy on some of the causes. Not 100% are just poor eating habits.

So, instead of judging a person for being a feminist, fat and lazy, find the right sources and debunk it. Stop making immediate conclusions and start finding the real source and reasons.


Why Black Kids Always the Rotten Apples?

Days ago on different media outlets showed a picture of a child before and after photos after a barber offered a free “Benjamin Button Special” for free three days a week for unruly kids. Sadly, the first photo that came to the spotlight is a black kid.


Society always spoils Caucasian children ever since birth, spoiled and pamper them, giving them words of comfort and security while the black child always using the rod, given them hurtful words, not giving them in many cases what they need, abandoning them for hours or days at a time, always a burden, never a blessing. And in the end, they believe it. By putting this photo of a black child being the laughingstock for social media to enjoy and bully, it seems that society puts black kids to never amount to anything except being punished even for things and issues they didn’t caused while Caucasian children mostly get away with it. Did these parents know that excessive punishment will lead to a child with low self-esteem, defiance towards authorities and their parents, ending up in the never ending jail system or even worst?

And what’s worst why Black children are cursed into the path of destruction by the lack of love, caring, responsibility and the lack of living a world that the color of their skin doesn’t matter? But, sadly when push comes to shove, at the end of the day, the media anyway shows black kids to be the first to be “disciplined,” humiliated and ashamed than other races. Doesn’t they need to be loved, appreciated, valued first than always cataloging as the bad seed, the unruly, the violent?

The Good, The Bad and the WTF in Superbowl Ads

This year I spent a good hour or so to watch all the ads that were posted on youtube on their section of adblitz and this year sucked… ballz… I have to take every single ad with a grain of salt and tried to be honest but polite about it. But in the end… there’s always somethings that really screw it up… I handpicked ignoring the movie trailers, and NBC shows focusing on just ads.

The Good

Nissan: “With Dad”
Plot: A heartwarming story of fatherhood where a father welcomes his son, to later balance his career to taking care of his son and his family and ending up in hugging his teenage son.
What’s Interesting: The song “With Dad” by Harry Chapin along with great performance by the actors seems to get a long way to describe the ups and downs of the traditional family values.  It’s surely wants me to buy a Nissan too…

Snickers: “The Brady Bunch”
Plot: A segment of the classic show The Brady Bunch starring not other than Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi.
What’s Interesting: They did everything perfect from the sound quality to the color of that era… including Trejo roughness and Buscemi bitchiness making this ad funny.

GrubHub: “Because Burrito”
Plot: A Flying Burrito hitting the heads of callers causing mayhem and chaos followed by a deep voiced announcer.
What’s Interesting: Odd and funny and a few concussions.


Doritos: “When Pigs Fly”
Plot: A kid develops a rocket to make a pig fly because of a challenge.
What’s Interesting: Good chemistry between the grown up and the kid with special effects make it one of a wacky kind.

Runner ups: Bud light-Real Life PacMan and Newcastle-Band of Brands, Dove Men+Care-#RealStrength, Lexus-Let’s Play, Loctite Glue-Positive Feelings, Turbo Tax-Taxes Ad, Coca Cola-#MakeItHappy, Skittles-Settle It, Budweiser-Lost Dog, Fiat 500X-Blue Pill

Now for the So and So

BMW: “Newfangled Idea”
Plot: Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric in a segment from 25 years ago talking about the internet and now they’re talking and asking about the new BMW i3 which is a electric car.
Here’s the deal: The idea seems good between the past and the present but it didn’t show what’s the capabilities of that car BMW is promoting. I have to look at it online to find out it’s a fully electric car. It clearly missed it’s mark at some point.

Carls Jr: “Au Naturel”
Plot: A naked model walks around a group of men speaking about loving to be eating natural beef.
Here’s the Deal: Sexual innuendos are so done with. It’s not attractive or funny at all. It was better if they put “Carls Jr: Fuck You! I’m eating!”

Geico: “Push It”
Plot: Salt and Pepa cameo as rapping their hit song “Push It.”
Here’s the Deal: Geico ads were funny, wacky and sometimes absurd. But this one, they missed the mark. It felt that their magic is starting to fade. Meanwhile Salt and Pepa could do more than singing one line of their song.

Eat24: Super Bowl Commercial 2015
Plot: Snoop as a spokesperson while Gilbert Gottfried the comical relief in this short ad.
Here’s the Deal: What is Eat24? It didn’t show what’s about except it will relief your hunger in a very missed funny concept… Pass!

So and So Runner up: T-Mobile-Data Vulture, McDonalds-Pay with Lovin’, American Family Insurance-Big Game Spot, Sprint-Super Apology, Clash of Clans-Revenge, Dodge-Wisdom, Doritos-Middle Seat, Kia Sorento-The Perfect Getaway, Mercedes-Fable, Carnival Corporation-Come Back To the Sea, Weight Watchers-All You Can Eat, Wix.com-#Itsthateasy

The Bad

Avocados From Mexico: #FirstDraftEver
Plot: Million Years Ago humanity was held their first draft and Mexico choose avocados.
WTF: No comments except my brain cells were killed after I watched this disaster.

Victoria Secret: Ad Superbowl
Plot: Victoria models exhibiting their abs and chests and behind in suggestive poses.
WTF: No diversity? Seriously! There’s no even one Black Chick in there! Seems like a sex shop than a so-called lingerie shop.

GoDaddy.com: “Working”
Plot: A hard working man doing some stuff on his desk, while the announcer talks about it.
WTF: The puppy ad was pulled and replaced with this. They used to be putting rounchy, tacky and sexist ads featuring Danica Patrick but after the backlash with the puppy ad, they decided to please the political correctness by doing this ad. Seems dull, lifeless and clueless. They became the biggest losers of the Superbowl ads this year. Shame, shame…

Toyota: “My Bold Dad”
Plot: A father sacrifice his own to give his daughter the support, love and understanding she needs until she’s shipped up to the military.
WTF: It was better is she gets married or go to college rather than going to the meat grinder to suffer. This is plain government agenda to tell parents it’s okay to ship your kids to the military to die or become disabled. The ad was good until that scene.

Always: “#LikeAGirl”
Plot: Real people displaying the misconceptions what it is to be a girl running, throwing and fighting and showing what “real girls” do.
WTF: Pushing feminism up the ante. Girls can do anything except taking care of their children and husband… pretty sad.

T-Mobile: “KimsDataStash”
Plot: Kim Kardashian acting as a spokesperson.
WTF: Awful! Can she just go away?
T-Mobile: “Sarah Silverman & Chelsea Handler for Wi-Fi Calling”
Plot: Both stars having a conversation using Wi-Fi and appearing on certain situations.
WTF: Strike Two! Sucked either way


Dishonorable Mentions: Budweiser-Brewed the Hard Way, Jeep-Beautiful Lands, Redfin: The World Has Changed, Game of War-Who I Am, Northrop Grumman-Hangar Ad

To See all the ads and cast your vote go to AdBlitz 2015 on YouTube.







Like Mother… Like Daughter

I found out yesterday on CNN that Bobbi Christina, the daughter of late singer Whitney Houston has been found in the tub in her home in Atlanta unresponsive and with no pulse. Now tragedy is following this “family” again. What strikes me is the what ifs that circled my mind that actually can be addressed to one issue. What could happen if Whitney shouldn’t met this asshole who corrupt her mind and destroy her reputation and career and introduced her to the “wonderful” world of drugs? I think she would be alive. I think she would be making albums or producing new comers into the music industry. Perhaps she could be a great mother. She would be out of the negative spotlight, she would be a proper lady in music. But instead, she became the laughingstock, the openly drug user who can’t even stand up or have her mind straight. All because she married Bobby, the so-called “bad boy” in R&B in the early 90’s. Who literally was mooching out of her fame since his wasn’t at par with her, and couldn’t make a solid album or a song in decades. Bobby destroyed her career so bad destroying her trademark voice to the point that she have to rely to autotune to revive it. But the damage is already done. After he broke her spiritually and mentally, financially with no money in her account, he just moved on to someone more broke than his ass.

There’s two probabilities to this story… Or either she’s dead or either she will survive like a vegetable… Tragic on both sides.

It’s Been a While

Ok… Here’s the deal today folks… Lately,  I have been absent from commenting on this blog. Time is definately getting so fast that I can’t keep up. And after what happened to me with my car problems, I’m exhausted.

My emotions and worries followed by my anxiety and the ups and downs of depression, made my thoughts blocked. Meaning writer’s block and meaning that my brain is taking a break from overheating. But don’t worry, I’m not going to leave anytime. It’s just I need to take some rest, recharge my wasted batteries and fix some things before going forward.

So in the meantime, keep checking, and thank you very much for your understanding.

Short Notices

It’s a Miracle… of Sorts

Last week, my 2001 Dodge Caravan ceased to exist… first we thought it was the thermostat that caused the raise in temperature of the radiator, then the mechanic found out it was the water pump that was leaking. He suggest to get another mechanic and $231.00 dollars later, my husband called, telling me the dread news… at my job. It was  Cover Gasket that was leaking. To fix it it will cost $1,199.00 aprox. I nearly got a panic attack, because it was the only car we have. I thought I was going to lose my job. I was at it’s ends…

But not all was lost…

Few days before, we called our car dealership in Bonners Ferry, the same dealership that we bought the van 5 or 6 years ago, to see if we can get a approved on a used vehicle. And let me tell you, they were ultra fast! Not only we got approved, but we don’t have no money down, and the salesman, Joe, deliver the car to us from 80 miles on the same day.


2008 Chevy Equinox fully loaded and scary…


Thanx to Joe at Riverside Motors for the extra effort in giving us a new ride. In the meantime, we’re selling our van for $800.00.



RIP my van… We Will Miss Ya!



Only in Idaho…

Where a 9 year old kid is in a Detention Center for failure to appear to court for stealing a gum. A gum! That’s stupid! That’s very harsh! But then again it doesn’t specify what race he is, or the name or where does he lives. But when it comes to a Black boy, all his details are out in the open! It feels out of place to put him in a detention center instead of handling the case properly. Putting him in “jail” will start the circle of delinquency for the rest of his life if they don’t have the proper tools to curb that fateful destiny. Just for gum, how stupid!

Anyway… time is running short… gotta go… See ya later!