Short Notices

You Shall NOT Strike?

Walmart former employees who have been lay off a couple of days ago can’t give up without a fight. Right now, along with the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) are planning to enforce Walmart to give their jobs back or transferred to another store without losing they pay.

I knew what was going on closing just five stores! But California is a forced union-state, which means any injustice that businesses cause against employees, they have to deal with the Unions swiftly. Sadly, Texas, Oklahoma and Florida are right-to-work states which their cause is a lost one.

Even thought Walmart is in the “process” of implementing hourly wages nationally at 9 dollars an hour and “improving” better working conditions, still the former and current employees are NOT pleased. If a multimillion corporation doesn’t split their earnings equally instead of putting greed first before responsibility, destroying small businesses, hurting the economy and the environment all while exploiting workers and disposing them as they see fit, there’s gonna be a day they can be accountable for their actions. Walmart isn’t going to be silent, they have control and are willing to cheat if necessary.

Being Cute Isn’t Going To be A Long Way

An ESPN reporter got suspended over a video that resurfaced a week ago berating a parking attendant. In the video, she was expressing with an air of superiority because she’s famous, while the parking attendant was bullied for her physical appearance, her lack of education and insulting the business she’s in. First of all, Brittany “Britt” McHenry car was towed for parking illegally. Second, Brittany has NO right to disrespect this person who’s doing a honest living. Third… should I have to make a third? Brittany is just a decoration on ESPN, her good looks might gave her a few minutes in front of the camera for the sport jocks to jack off, but her lack of intelligence and common sense off camera is why she’s in hot water. Not only she’s suspended, but even her co-workers wants her fired instead. I guess, being a bimbo doesn’t guarantee job security after all…

’till next time!

I Am NOT a Strong Black Woman

Society puts labels on everyone including myself on how to behave, act, feel, and it’s annoying at worst.

Being strong is a hard definition to be all powerful, confident, and able to withstand the pressures of daily life. But for Black women, is just able to stand the insults, the stares, the pains and sorrows, the humiliations and the constant failures and assume to put on a happy face and pretend everything’s alright.

For me, I couldn’t. I have been rejected so many times and lift up when someone has been emotionally bring me down that I just became numb.

I failed numerous occasions. I tried to find a purpose, a motive to live, at least to enjoy the numerous things in life has to offer but in the end, I got robbed by societal standards and instead they gave me a mop and a bucket to clean what I didn’t spill.

People always look the other way when I walk around. Their fear in their eyes is very noticeable, even if they try to be “friendly” and I asked myself why. It is because of my color of my skin? My looks? What their parents told them about Black Women?

The only attributes that I have? My earrings. My face and body is considered nothing by anyone, not even my eyes are attractive, my hair is considered nothing, my body is an inconvenience that I don’t bother looking at the mirror. Years of bullying did all that even from my own family. I get complemented only on my little piece of jewelry. Even thought I show a great sense of humor and great personality, it doesn’t seem to work at all.

My soul and spirit are shattered in a million pieces by events in my life, by words people say, by actions that people caused, by decisions that I made in order to keep my boat afloat, that it’s impossible to gather those missing pieces. I’m starting to lose hope like I did a week ago when all I wanted to do is park my car in the garage, exhale, inhale and fade away. That if my husband didn’t came in time to take the keys out of the ignition and reminded me that “If I fade away, they win” I would be gone for good.

But how much should I withstand these things? Honestly is a hassle. It’s an inconvenience. It’s unfairness. I can’t take it! I don’t want it! I don’t want to be strong, because I am Weak! Because I failed myself to pretend that I can conquer mountains when all I did was stepping and falling. Don’t expect me to not feel anything, because it hurts every time that I stand up to go on to then later another vicious attack is coming at my sights. I feel, I cry, I get hurt, so don’t expect me to be like a robot or a machine.

Walmart’s Dark Side

Don’t get me wrong… there’s three locally owned supermarkets in this small town. I support them from time to time, if they have prices lower than Walmart prices, I will get it, I only buy the meats from them, but when it comes to make a shopping list, I had to go to Walmart.

But today there’s two news that bothers me. One of them, the most severe is the closing of 5 Walmart stores located in Texas, Florida, California and Oklahoma for no apparent reason, laying off 2,000 full time and part time employees. There’s speculations like for example, the most stupidest, the pluming issues which the state didn’t receive any permits during that time. And there’s another speculation that might be true, some of the stores including the one in California were the first to protest against Black Friday. Another one were asking for better wages and better conditions in the workplace.

In Making Change at Walmart it shows a detail account of an employee along with others for a higher wage at a now closed Paco Rivera store in California. And I think Walmart didn’t sit well with the movement so, instead of changing, they just shut it down to make a point that they’re NOT budging their wages. It’s their way, or the unemployment highway. Their tactics could be shutting it down for a few months, then re-open with new employees that won’t adhere with the unions. The place could be revamped a little, but that’s all that. It’s a new evil tactic to disperse what they think are the rioters.

Meanwhile, if you can’t protest… just steal.

A woman in Texas who worked for Walmart since 1982 was arrested for stealing $240,000 by just creating fake returns. And here’s the sad part, Nacina Walker did it for so long to help pay medical bills, helping her husband’s business and helping to care for her ailing parents. I just wonder if Walmart would care, why they didn’t raise it to 15 dollars an hour or make a living wage for this woman or anyone else? Why they don’t have programs to help these people instead of depending on the government to do it’s job? This woman lost it all now, by going to jail for a great amount of time and because of Walmart’s inability to spot this woman on time, before she reached the breaking bad point.

Now, that’s a challenge… supporting local businesses is somewhat of a hassle but I could try doing my shopping there even if I have to overspend or travel 50 miles to Grocery Outlet and the Dollar Store, because Walmart is playing bad with it’s employees.

Hell Has No Fury…

In order to get the money back from the fines that former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling had to pay because of his indiscretions with his ex-mistress V. Stiviano, his wife filed a lawsuit against her for $2.6 million dollars. The lawsuit went in favor of the angered wife, Rochelle “Shelly” Sterling and V.Stiviano has to give everything back. That means her three luxurious cars, her posh apartment in Beverly Hills, her $391 Easter bunny costume, a $299 two-speed blender and even a $12 dollar thong among other expensive gifts have to be handled to Rochelle.

This is a clear example for women out there who depend on her beauty resorting to sex to gain favors, it doesn’t end well for married men and the wives who are humiliated, betrayed and fooled by both. V.Stiviano which her real name could be Maria Vanessa Perez among other aliases, played with fire and she got pretty burned in the process. Even if she purposely delivered the infamous phone conversation that ruined Donald into his nearly grave, his wife didn’t gave up without a fight.

The infamous recording proves that Donald bought the house…priceless…

It always tells ya, hell has no fury than a woman scorned sounds right. But what Rochelle is going to do with the stuff? Donate it to charity. She just wanted justice and it served right. As for Maria Vanessa Perez aka V. Stiviano, might as well she have to resort back to her roots: doing petty theft in order to survive.

The Downhill Battles of Black Single Mothers

Last week or so I found a crippling and horrible news about a Black mother who was going to be evicted from her home by officials, found two young bodies inside a freezer. It was so horrifying the way the media played out to vilify the mother without knowing why the reason she took that decision to end their lives. It was a constant lynching of this woman, Michelle Blair all over the news outlets that they forgot important clues and instead it was just the contrary. Just because she’s Black, just because she look like a hoodlum, just because she’s ugly inside and out.

But enough of the bashing and get into the real. In the video on youtube during a custody hearing of the two remaining kids, she threw all her anger and blame at one of her baby daddies who showed up despite he owned child support. He didn’t attend his own child birthdays, or taking out to the park or anything that fathers do for their children. But he attended the hearing to at least have custody of the rest of her children. Yes, the plot thickens. Having four kids is very hard, is much harder when there’s no family support and much harder when the woman has endured decades of physical and sexual abuse without proper psychological help. A few of the news outlets showed it, and now their children endured what she experienced first hand. And there you have it, two kids dead because they abused their youngest siblings and also Michelle didn’t control her anger because that’s how she was raised.

It’s unfortunate that the Black community instead of pointing the finger and ask for the death penalty for this woman didn’t consider why she grown up that way and try to help and heal her. Not even just one, but every single Black mother who a lot of times are overburdened, while the men who had sex with them are just having a great time, forgetting their mistakes and committing new ones. Pointing the finger at the woman is just easy, but her family who caused it who are washing their hands and call it quits are more guilty, responsible pieces of this puzzle.

It takes two to tango, Takes two to make the dance and takes a small village to cause a fire.


I have been ill for a couple of days… again, but I’m going to give you guys my 50 cents and some change of this subject again of a white cop killing an unarmed black man.

Now, this time is a 50 year old man named Walter Scott who got killed from the back by police officer Michael Slager and at that time of the killing, someone posted what happened on youtube. Now, it’s plain murder. After hundreds of unjustified murders in the past now they find something that can address as a killing? South Carolina, isn’t going to be like Ferguson or LA, so, to avoid another riot they decided, “oh, well, lets put this guy behind bars, so we can avoid a war zone of grand proportions.” And so they did, they charged the police officer with first degree murder and terminated (but don’t know if it’s with pay or without) from his post.

That’s, my friends and enemies, that’s swift! But if they do that in the past instead of the waiting game to then wait again for the most common results of “not guilty” then it would be justice for the fallen unarmed Black men and women dead at the hands of the heartless cops.

Wasted Heart

Two years ago a Black teenage boy was in severe need of having a heart transplant, but the Children’s Hospital in Atlanta denied their request because of his non-compliance with the rules and certainly his criminal record. But his family fought hard because he was their son and they would do anything to have him live a little bit longer. So, they succeed, and the hospital didn’t have no other option to giving the transplant.

Now, Anthony Stokes is dead in a worst case scenario by fleeing police in a car chase that lost control of his car that he stole and hit to a curb while injuring a pedestrian ending his life. I just wonder, where are his family in all this? Did they took care of him after the doctors gave him a heart? Now let the outrage from whiteys began as the column of the USA today in the comments section were full of words like:

“SOB!! Another needy person who was more deserving was denied to give this creep a chance to prove he was undeserving!”

“Thanks to this loser, a perfectly good heart was wasted instead of going to someone who actually deserved it.”

“Playing the race card to get their thug son a heart… this criminals parents are as selfish as he was…..”

Many comments and others are invading every comment section on news portals nationwide. But here’s the thing. If Anthony would be white, will they have the compassion to give him the heart? I think they would do it in a heartbeat. And if he did commit the same crime, they would say something like:

“He was “forced” to do it”

“He have a poor troubled soul”

Or in other words, they will have pity for his soul. Perhaps, they could make this person a saint.

But in Anthony Stokes’ case, it was just judging upon judges that being a black boy can’t be getting a second chance to even to live, to even to breathe upon this earth. Calling his parents opportunists, liars and moochers just to “defend” his “behavior” wasn’t appropriate. His parents did the obvious to save his life even thought his poor choices ruined those chances to becoming a productive member of society. For whatever reason, he should be improving, changing, evolving positively. Not going back the way he used to do. The reason is, why? Isn’t because he doesn’t have any friends with positive role models or morals? Isn’t because there’s isn’t effective community centers aimed at helping these Black kids stay away from the common path of crime? Isn’t because of his parents who wanted the 15 minutes of fame by posting themselves as the “victim” of racism, to have pity on their souls and perhaps have a little bit of extra money for themselves, not for the kid?

It’s pretty tragic on every ends. A life could be learning to live but instead he was taught to die. Parents grieving for their own selfishness. A community that doesn’t give a damn except when a white cop kills an unarmed Black man. And the rest… well, judging without knowing as usual.