Mistaken Role?

It’s a short story.

A Black Woman got arrested over the excuse that she was hiding drugs which in fact the NYPD didn’t find any illicit drugs in her car, causing her BMW to be impounded.

When she was going to pick up the car she was caught in a altercation with the police that ended up in a mental ward in Harlem. And during her stay, against her will, they were drugging her with drugs that didn’t need to take along with group sessions for almost a week. In their diagnosis they were stating she was delusional and bipolar and tried to convince her to deny who she really was. But there’s one very heartless mistake. This lady was a banker for Citibank, and now she’s a rapper. After a week of torture, she was let go without apologizing for her mistake, and handed a medical bill to her name for $12,000.

Now, Akilah Brock is suing the city of New York for unspecified damages and surely it comes in handy after all the treatment and humiliation this young woman faced, endured under the speculation that she was a drug dealer, or a sugar mama or unemployed, perhaps she was stealing a BMW. What’s wrong is the racial profiling in the city, which is the common denominator in racial intolerance and inequality? Another thing is the assumption that this young lady isn’t a banker, but assuming she’s an unemployed single mother who doesn’t deserve to drive a BMW and deserve all the bad treatment for her so-called bad choices. But the apple don’t fall from the tree when it comes to investigate who is this person first and ask questions later. If they didn’t find any drugs, why the hell they impounded the car and arrested her without a motive other than the color of her skin? Why the doctors involved in her “treatment” didn’t investigate her background on the same day and instead left her there to suffer for 8 days and then let her go? What is their motive? Because honestly it’s something NYPD covering their indiscretions and they’re making this innocent hard working woman pay for something she didn’t do.

Just like any Black People out there that are making a name for themselves in other areas that white people don’t believe they can’t do, there’s always the stereotype that Black people specially women of color can’t amount to anything in their lives. And always have that believe that Blacks have to be in a specific area to be something, while the white supremacy wants to conquer it all, even our lives.

There’s a handful of successful men and women who excel in unconventional roles such as doctors, chiropractors, air pilots, motivational speakers who just went against all odds and obstacles to achieve their dreams. But an aggressive insight from white supremacy control, is deterring so much of our Black youth to the point of breaking their dreams, their hopes and make them believe that the way to go is to sports, entertainment and music or a life of crime at the penal system.

Short Notices

Doesn’t You Wish You were In Jail?

After killing Trayvon Martin, people would believe that this jackass will get life in jail or some death penalty. But the reality of the issue is that he wasn’t charged for the murder, instead he was set free and even so, he still make headlines with his erratic violent behavior. Now, the reason of his behavior based from George Zimmerman is because of Obama. Are you serious? So, that’s means that Obama push you to pull the trigger to kill Martin, made you throw a sissy fit towards your ex-wife and also have traffic violations with the law. And compare his selfish struggles with Anne Frank? That’s appalling and ignorant. No one is chasing your ass to kill you, Mr Zimmerman. It’s you who caused a mother to live without her son, it’s you who destroy your marriage and it’s you who literally screw it up. It is you and you alone. So, how’s your price of freedom, huh? Not pleasant? Well, get ready for more!

Take it OFF!

Angelina Jolie brave decision of removing her uterus as a preventive measure is a bold one. First, she removed her boobs after the doctor noticed an anomaly in one of them and now the uterus and fallopian tubes she took away because of Cancer fears. She can do this because of money. But there’s a lot of women out there who can’t afford such a procedure and they have to die because of the lack of money and Obamacare is making it surely impossible to do so. Doesn’t seem fair that  a woman could want to remove her boobs or uterus without the out of pocket expense? Celebrities have it easy, I say.

No Matter How Talented Black People are They Still Call Us Names

Mo’Ne Davis is a talented softball player and she’s only 13 years old. Her motivation and drive got into the attention of Disney to make a movie about her life. The sad part however, there’s still white assholes trying to ruin Black’s triumph because or either is envy or plain ignorance. Joey Casselberry  got suspended over a twitter comment a few days ago stating:

“Disney is making a movie about Mo’ne Davis? WHAT A JOKE. That slut got rocked by Nevada.”

The issue is no matter how hard working this young lady or any young gentleman who is African-American, no matter how much sweat and tears had been dropped, there’s still jackasses trying to sabotage their success. But Davis didn’t hate the bastard, instead she was practicing mercy, because is in her character. And the public applaud her even more to the point of giving her a standing ovation for her beliefs. She wrote an email to President David L. Soltz making him reconsider about his decision of suspending Joey for writing it. I just hope that Mr. Soltz will teach him a lesson in tolerance instead.

Deadly Secrecy

The tragic plane crash up at the France Alps was as shocking as any. But the real reasons why the flight descended without notifying tower control of any problems to then obliterated in pieces it’s as weird as looking yourself in a distorted mirror. Captains and co-pilots should get a strict psychological and medical tests along with drug screenings to make flights safer. It doesn’t has been implemented or mandated ever since, but why they didn’t catch this guy on time to get into that flight? Why the doctor in charge didn’t send a fax of the test from the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz to the Germanwings HQ? It seems to me that giving him the letter stating that he was unfit to work, and not sending it to it’s HQ was a plain mistake. What’s the illness that he was covering for so long? It is a terminal disease, it is mental? If it’s mental or terminal doesn’t suppose for him to stay on the ground? It is tragic but yet, there’s no mandatory regulations that can make unfit pilots retire and make passengers safer.


The Hanged Man

Three days ago on CNN a man missing in Mississippi was found under the most humiliating circumstances. His head was covered with his hands loosed and his neck broke after he was hanged up on a tree 500 yards away from his former residence. The man Otis Byrd was a ex-convict for the killing of a woman in 1980 and was awarded parole in 2006, after that he became an outstanding citizen turning his life around church, family and work. But that was out of the ordinary when they file a missing report a few days after noticing. He didn’t show any signs of depression based on reports by members of his family.

Now the reality sinks in. How can a hard working man end up hanged? It is racially motivated? It is foul play by someone who is related to the victim that has a grudge for years because he murdered this woman? The answers are there. But instead of fixing the issue, some organizations are spoiling the real investigation. Like the NAACP, who are demanding the authorities to “immediately investigate the hanging death of Otis Bryd.” But still, is inconclusive that could end up with the daunting result that it wasn’t foul play and trying to label it as a suicide. Right now, to avoid another Ferguson, they are willing to close the case as a suicide and get on with their lives. It is a tragic incident that a man’s life who was free and bother no one, was finished under shameful and once again violent aftermath.

What is shameful is it’s 2015, it’s been decades that whites supposedly stop lynchings towards African-Americans particularly in the South, but after recent events racial tensions are getting worst and it could end up in a Civil war. And they’re trying to cover it up big time to avoid it, no matter if people are unable to find out the real truth.

The Never Ending Troubles of Suge

I feel pity for Suge. Although all the problems he encountered with the law in the past, I knew these problems were going to catch up with him. Now, a battered Suge Knight collapses in the courtroom after the judge toss him a bail of 25 million dollars. He have the money, the problem however is why that much? Isn’t because they just want to keep him behind bars? Or isn’t because he’s black?

When there’s a lot of hit and runs involving rich privileged white kids at the hands of the wheel which ends in the defendants were giving them probation, this rap mogul instead didn’t have it easy for killing one person and injuring another during a hit and run at a restaurant in Compton. It was easy for the judge to make the decision of posting and expensive bail so he can’t get out free without knowing the facts of the case.

In the video, there were three people including the victim and Knight who stopped to order something at the drive-thru. Then, a man named Cle “Bone” Sloan approached the SUV and started a confrontation with Knight. After a few seconds of tussling, Knight back off his SUV hitting Bone and later hit Terry Carter, a former rap record label owner, by running his tires on top of his body killing him and running away from the scene. For my understanding, this isn’t a premeditated murder, instead it was self-defense since in the TMZ video shows the gun that “Bone” carried and was meticulously hidden from one of his “homeboys” after the incident. The Judge, I think, didn’t see that, instead he was more interested in placing that bail on his head for the “fear” he may escape to some foreign country. Instead of looking at the reason why Knight did this he was instead focusing on his not so good criminal record and there you have it. Like any Black man, without a reasonable explanation and a fair trial, Suge is trapped in jail even if he have money. The white man sure is going to make sure this person will experience once again the corrupt jail system! Meanwhile, other white men who killed pedestrians in hit and run some under the influence, are giving a chance to walk free in the streets. Ain’t this country sweet?

White Fat Americans

In a recent interview with Playboy, rapper Azealia Banks made an answer from a question made by Rob Tannenbaum that is “Do You Want To Leave the US?” Her response was simply putting it, blunt.

“Yes! I hate everything about this country. Like, I hate fat white Americans. All the people who are crunched into the middle of America, the real fat and meat of America, are these racist conservative white people who live on their farms. Those little teenage girls who work at Kmart and have a racist grandma—that’s really America.”

As I read the rest of the interview it made me think about how Rob is using his privilege to bury Banks by taking the bait of racism. And he did it with no effort! Now, Banks could be in trouble, not because of what she said but because of Rob, here did. In the interview it doesn’t feature a deep structure of her issues and her struggles in the music industry including the famous feud with Iggy or the fact that the Grammy nominations are biased against black rappers. It doesn’t say anything about upcoming projects or goals she wants to achieve in the long run. Instead it’s a lazy question and answer interview about her sexuality, her religion, and her belief in race and a little about music. That’s it. Nothing much, nothing less and playboy readers doesn’t care about what’s on her mind as long as she shows that pussy of hers, they will be jacking off the mountain when they come. But these little words that Banks posted, could be the downfall. Yes, we know we are struggling! Yes, we have been stripped of all our identity and replaced with false religion and beliefs that doesn’t identify us. Yes, we are confused… a lot!  That’s why, I truly understand Banks opinion of this country. As harsh and blunt as she put it, this country is founded from the suffered backs of Blacks for centuries and it’s still does it today, in a subtle way of course. But for Banks to take that bait, she should be a little more emphasized on not leaving this country because of racist individuals and organizations, instead she had various options to help heal our own community or separate from whites and build her own.  But don’t know how she stand in all of this and definitely can’t speak up for her.  For Banks, posting for playboy was a big mistake when she can use her talent as an advantage instead using her body to get a point across, just because she’s black doesn’t mean that she have to show ass and tits to sell albums. And I think Banks have just sealed the coffin for this snafu.

I’m NOT Clear About It

Two nights ago while on my end of my shift at work, I received a voicemail and it was my husband having his vein ruptured again and he’s in the Hospital around town. So, I just went out, walked a few blocks and I caught him outside the entrance. Since he didn’t eat we decided to go at Subway.

As I enter the place I noticed a familiar face in a weird ensemble. Even thought that person was wearing the regular Subway uniform, the make up was exaggerated, the hair wasn’t normal and the body wasn’t correct with the female anatomy, plus there’s a noticeable sign at the throat that can difference men and women. In the tag was named “Roberta” (not a real name), but the physical attributes wasn’t correct. As that person was serving these sandwiches, I couldn’t stop but looking at it. In the end, I just came to the conclusion that yes, indeed was an ex co-worker of mine, and yes,  he got into the transition from male to female, and sadly I heard rumors of this person doing inappropriate things with a child and the police dept. in this small town can’t do anything about it.

This is my whole dilemma about transgender community and the normals. Although not of them aren’t bad, disturbed individuals, it’s finally hitting in small towns and now it’s hitting mainstream with the introduction of Jazz Jennings to be the spokesperson for Clean and Clear products, and the controversy involving Bruce Jenner transitioning into a woman, that is a sign of achievement from the Trans community. But the reality of it, for normal folk, it’s uncomfortable. The issue of which bathroom trans people can go to relieve themselves is a hassle, specially when a person goes on a gym and have to deal with a male dressed as a female when they suppose to go on their assigned restroom changing. For that, that woman has been shamed beyond recognition and barred from the gym instead of barring this transgender person or accommodate it.

Since, gays are allowed to be married, and have the same rights as straight people, now transgenders wants the same rights? Rights to what? To pretend they’re females or males without their right genitalia? To go on the bathroom they choose? To be themselves? I mean, we have been tolerated enough and this “This is who I am” crap is making me annoyed. Why transgenders are so aggressive now about making a point and coming out of the bathroom? Can they know the meaning, take private issues in the comfort of your own home? Because I truly don’t care. It’s not my problem you’re “trapped” in the wrong body. How can your problem or issue is pushed for all people to tolerate it, when in fact is grossing them out?

Short Notices

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Update

Yesterday after I post my thoughts into the issue, I decided to gather more insights and accounts of what happened with the sonority that the president of the University of Oklahoma David Boren, shut down after they post an offensive video on youtube full of racial slurs and race hate. The decision yesterday of shutting it down, wasn’t enough since they should be held accountable for their actions. But today, Boren decided to expel these students who cause this. Sadly, he expelled only two. Just two? The video showed there weren’t two people singing it, was the bus was crowded with men and women singing instead. Doesn’t suppose he can expel these culprits too? Still, it’s just a slap on the wrist and carry on. I’m not surprised with the outcome. And started a whole ripple effect. The Black Chef from SAE for 15 years who is unemployed, Howard Dixon. And a football prospect that immediately changed his mind about signing with the University of Oklahoma football team, Jean Deleance who’s is a offensive lineman from Mesquite, Texas and opt to go to Alabama instead.

Trash is Trash

When will be the day that Kim Kardashian will go away from civilization? Now, the “actress” “model” and “mother” of Northwest, changed her hair color to blonde. Why? I don’t know… to look like those Beverly Hills pill popping happy addicts? It’s rather an eyesore as much to see her in that shade of color. The only thing I just want to see is that she goes away from the spotlight. Just a thought.

Finally… My Own Things

Last week, we added a new member of our family. Phoebe, is a 9 month old chocolate brown Chow mix. We adopted her from the Humane Society in Idaho two weeks ago. And she’s adopting really well in her new environment. She’s a nice hairy bundle of joy and she’s the princess of the house. Who can’t say no to this sweetie?

Meet Arizona… Aka Phoebe to our family 😁

A photo posted by Omay Farlane (@onigiri1973) on

Another thing: I got rid of Rent-a-Center. I finally bought two computers (one laptop and one gaming pc) and a Dryer. I got fed up with them. Just because I used to have bad credit doesn’t mean that I deserve to pay high prices every month because of it. The dryer however was that the old one we had, died and have to call them until we got enough money to get a new one. But the way Rent a Center handled it, it was like we just an inconvenience instead of a benefit so. I just cut ties with them for good. Now, I got my own things and I don’t have to pay every month. So in the end I save money, so I can pay the high fees from the car insurance. If it’s not one, it’s another.

Anyway… that all I can give for now. Enjoy your Tuesday!