Big and Small Screen


maxresdefault-1I Am Mother
Good Execution


In a future where mankind has been practically wiped out from the face of the earth, “I am Mother” shows the story of Mother (voiced by Luke Hawker) a caring, understanding robot who takes care of “Daughter” (Clara Rugaard) during her first years to nearly becoming a young adult. Now, “Daughter” receives a surprise visit that can jeopardize her relationship with her and changes in her view of things with a shocking revelation.

Basically, a good thriller with emphasis on two different types of motherly bond. One that is kind, patient and soothing while the other one, the human visitor (Hillary Swank) realistic, distrustful and rough. Both have secrets under their sleeve that viewers might seem interested into why humanity has been nearly eliminated from the world and the robots purpose in revitalizing the human population. It is a blend of Mommie Dearest with a little bit of the softness of a 1950’s motherly figures with psychological game. It delivers a good flick with just two characters and a good plot and story. You can’t be picky enough.

Rating: 3 out of 5

When They See Uswtsu_104_unit_00657r
Teenage Angst and Redemption


Five innocent kids being convicted from a crime they didn’t commit. One that involves a jogger being raped and left for dead in Central Park. This true story of the most notorious and controversial crime story in the century about the Central Park Five, is difficult to digest. It is difficult to grasp the intensity of these 5 boys, who got robbed of their coming of age, where trivial things like girls, fashion, friends and family has been replaced with corruption, racial profiling and the ins and outs of the prison system. It is viewed as disgusted, callous even unjustified about what this boys and their families has gone through and still through this day, they’re still battling to get their names cleared. It is a nice reminder of never judge a book by it’s cover. Sooner or later the truth will set them free.

Rating 4 out of 5

Good Anti-Hero Story


How you ever wonder what if Superman is a villain instead of a superhero? It would be very catastrophic, right? This movie is a great example of that, when Brandon (Jason A. Dunn) arrives to earth and being cared by his adoptive parents Tory and Karl Brenner (Elizabeth Banks, David Denman) he discovers a grave truth about where he comes from and what’s his purpose in this earth. Instead of saving the world, he’s going to take the world, all while destroying the ones who know his secret or interfere with his plans. It is a simple idea that could possibly turns heads and curiosity on the viewers. An original concept, that results in a great plot and a adventure that ask for more.

Rating 3 out of 5

Binge Watching Time!maxresdefault-2

Charmed 2018
Great Rendition not forgetting Controversy

Netflix, DVD
1 Season

This controversial TV Show at first fans of the now first Charmed series found it as an insult and disappointing that the original cast didn’t participate in this new series and replaced with new characters which are Hispanic and Mixed but still keeping their plot about witches fighting evil resulting in a very refreshing, hip outlook of the reboot.

The new generation of this series consist of the three sisters; the feminist Mel (Melonie Diaz) who has the ability to stop time, college student Margie (Sarah Jeffery) an empath who sense and reads people’s minds and scientist Macy (Madeleine Mantock) who has telekinesis. With their guardian whitelighter Harry (Rupert Evans) they’re fighting against what comes against them and reclaiming their destiny as the Charmed Ones, one spell at a time.

Avoid it Like the Plague!

gn-gift_guide_variable_cBlack Mirror Season 5
What Have You Guys Done?


I was very enthusiastic of these new season of this acclaimed series which blends the good and bad points of how technology affects human interactions with each other and machines. But here’s why it didn’t came out great. Instead of the normal 6 stories from prior seasons we were given 3! And all two of them seems forced for the shock value but it failed to work out. Take for example “Smithereens” which take a story of a taxi driver seeking redemption by kidnapping an intern hostage seems long and torturous and “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too” about an outcast teenager who befriends a robot based on her favorite fictional pop artist Ashley O (Miley Cyrus) seems simple and predictable. Sticking Vipers, however, was the strong suit in the season where a married man make an unusual connection with his old college friend on a virtual video game with drastic consequences and moral decisions that seems at least plausible. The whole short season looks lazy overall as the term not quantity but quality fails short, very short.

Rating 2 out of 5


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  1. Cool post! I’ll have to check out some of these films. The only one I’ve seen advertise is Powers.
    I have another blog I don’t think I ever gave you the link. It’s a health blog. It’s mostly about holistic health,eating better,etc. Be sure to check it out and subscribe. I appreciate all the follows I get. Thanks Omay. 🙂

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