Big and Small Screen


The Titan
Over The Top


This surprising movie from Netflix shows tremendous power, story and effects well balanced and polished. A former soldier along with his family staying in a undisclosed military compound to be subjected offers himself to be a subject to an experiment that could change him into a superhuman with great strength and abilities to be shipped up to a inhabitable planet in order to save mankind. The Titan features heartbreaking moments with genuine human emotion, the changes, truth and consequences of a world that has been given up and a new world that could be the last hope for humanity.

Rating: 4 out of 5



Power Rangers
power-rangers-2017-after-credits-hqNew Spin of a 90’s Classic


Mighty Morphing Power Rangers as it was called before in the 90’s it was a huge phenomenon and still as a cult show after a few decades. This new spin on a old classic tells the story of 5 young rejects who are chosen by Zordon to fight against their nemesis Rita. It’s  pretty fun, cheesy, with better CGI’s but at least it will get you interested in re-watching the 90’s series.

Rating: 3 out of 5



One thought on “Big and Small Screen

  1. Cool post! I’ll have to check out some of these films. The only one I’ve seen advertise is Powers.
    I have another blog I don’t think I ever gave you the link. It’s a health blog. It’s mostly about holistic health,eating better,etc. Be sure to check it out and subscribe. I appreciate all the follows I get. Thanks Omay. 🙂

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