Common Sense Directly at Stupid People

The real assholes of this snafu of a disaster. David Farnell, a convicted sex offender and his second wife Wendy. Even the US news didn’t want to post the photo.

A couple in Australia decided to choose surrogacy to have kids. But they flew to Bangkok to meet the surrogate woman and start from there. She delivered twins but the girl is healthy while the boy has Down syndrome along with heart problems. David and Wendy Farnell decided to take the girl while leaving the boy to his surrogate mother. This is by far one of the most sad and selfish story I ever read or watch in news outlets. Not only that, David Farnell is a convicted sex offender who in 1990 sexually molested two girls under the age of 10 and in 1998 he was charged with six counts of indecency with a child under 13, which is definitely a red flag and should be banned to apply for adoption.  He’s a repeated sex offender and having kids in his hands means disaster! How can Australian authorities didn’t found out and take these babies away from him? Not only the authorities, but the “broker” or “agent” in charge of the surrogacy process should stop the procedure and alert authorities if they found any conviction that can jeopardize their “business.” Instead, for some freaking reason the “agent” gives a go to the procedure and here’s the result. A broken system, separated siblings, a broke surrogate and yes, the mean assholes in all of this are the selfish and perverse parents.

If it was in the United States, the father with such a conviction would be denied from applying for adoption, not even surrogacy. He would be labeled a sex offender which he will be alienated from the whole community and live elsewhere away from school, park and places where children attend. Finding a job is impossible for him or even hold a relationship, since he can’t provide for her because of that conviction, he is going to be alone for the rest of his life. But Australia doesn’t have a strict laws to at least alienate this type of people. And there you have it, it smells pretty foul.

Sadly the laws regarding adoption or surrogacy varies from one country to another some easiest than the US. US laws from surrogacy are very strict in some states and a few are prohibited from doing so. Only celebrities and rich elite (as always) can opt for that decision since the cost is $20,000 to $150,000 and they have a choice of doing background check to see if they’re not convicted felons.

This snafu of a disaster concerning adoption/surrogacy leaves a huge negativity in which parents are eligible to have children the other way since they can’t do the “traditional way” of having children and the so called “non-profit” agencies. Australia as many countries in the world should be restrictive in terms of who deserve to have a baby if they criminal record is clean, they are financially secure and mentally fit to have a family.


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