Video Games

Tom Clancy’s The Division
Good Parts, So and So Parts, Parts You Don’t Wanna Know



Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Massive
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

On March 8, thousands of players go the most awaited game from Ubisoft available to see how’s the final product came out to be.

I was one of them, although I wasn’t that hyper to get it, the controversy of downgrade graphics interested me instead. Videos complete with graphics comparison between the E3 show and the Beta version made me intrigued to get it and see if they didn’t make the same mistake as Watchdogs where the retail version was instead was bland compared to the high detailed one.

But at least Ubisoft kept their promise but broken a few ones. For starters to make this point valid, The Division isn’t a horror game or a fun crazy one, it’s more of a tactical, strategy and seriously for hardcore gamers who are experts in FPS (First Person Shooter). In the story, you play as a Division agent being called and sent out to the desolated infested and nearly abandoned streets of New York City after an outbreak involving a virus contaminated on dollar bills sickens citizens after Black Friday in the beginning of the Christmas season. The results ended up in violent uproar, martial law and quarantine. Without authorities, it turned NY into a no man land where rioters, cleaners, and more sinister villains comes into play. That’s where you, the agent, must restore order one by one while getting the pieces together, locating data, from video feeds to how the virus was created and developed at such a fast pace, to even locate, rescue survivors and other agents. It seems The Division has everything to keep the gamer interested, entertained and react to certain situations.

Now, the so and so part: One of the biggest problems that Ubisoft addressed concerning the graphics in the game is so far a myth. From the sun rays moving on top of buildings, to the harsh and unforgiving snowstorms in daylight and night, to even see the cars being slowly covered by the snow, it seems they put their effort to please gamers while putting this subject to rest.

The middle part: The combat system however it takes a while to get used to since the character doesn’t have the crouch option. It’s only has the jump and hide option to avoid rapid gunfire from enemies. Aiming is one of the most important parts of the game. The lack of aim assist, it could be a little bit frustrating at times when enemies approach your location and attack you. This could be somewhat frustrating, for casual or newcomers into the world of FPS, unless they could find upgrades that can help them get a fast effective advantage.

The storyline is complete with finding items from missing phones, journals, video feeds and echos that tells you how the virus started from different point and angles of view, even by completing missions or scavenging. Customization is fairly well balanced where you either help a civilian by giving them water, or a health bar or you get it a backpacks or boxes in certain buildings.

Now for the part you don’t wanna know: However, even if the Division looks very polished and somewhat complete, there’s a few cons that actually can affect their game experience, for example, “Internet Only.” It’s very unnecessary for the gamer and seems very pushy to ake the gamer pay extra for online services like PSPlus or Xbox Live on top of paying for their ISP (Internet Service Provider). You can’t practically play the game 24/7 because of certain maintenance services to resolve issues to keep you out for almost a night when you most want to have the urge to play. So, the option of playing this game is out of the question and should be included in it. Because restricting gamers who don’t have internet is losing their own revenue.

Single player is just a facade. While you can walk alone to the streets of NY, fighting a few rioters or do side missions on your own, it seems some of the main missions and some side missions involving medical, tech and security the player is obligated to get other people to help them through matchmaking in order to pass this road. It doesn’t seem fair for the player finding strangers who are also stuck to play. It seems to me that playing solo is punishable by death, instead of being a one person army. Ubisoft created this mess, and should fix it or even make a more balanced combat system. Otherwise, it’s a love-hate, off and on relationship deciding if they could thrown the cd out of the window or trade it or give a time out. It doesn’t look fun when you’re waiting for 10 to 15 minutes to people to help you using their matchmaking system.

Overall, for experienced gamers in FPS in The Division, this is a great advantage to further down their skills in battle while doing side missions, joining other agents and getting and upgrading gear and weapons. But for newcomers and causal specially going solo, it’s just frustration.

Rating System has been changed.

Graphics: 5 out of 5
Gameplay: 4 out of 5
Combat System: 3 out of 5




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