Bring It On!

How many politicians will stop playing “Live on Minimum Wage” for a short amount of time? Now it’s another congressman’s turn to make a fool of himself by “trying” to live on minimum wage for a week. Tim Ryan, a Democrat Congressman from Ohio tried to live on $154.00 for one week and indeed failed. Like any politician who “practice” to live on minimum wage and any other Public Assistance, they’re “trying” to make a point by cheating one point or the other that is indeed difficult to live on minimum wage, and it’s humiliating enough living with public assistance. But yep, they forgot a lot of points and issues of living on minimum wage or even live two to three dollars above it it’s neither enough to get by.

Politicians never understand that concept of helping the poor.  But instead, they’re showing themselves like pharisees to sympathize the public in order to get another term in their comfortable offices they’re sitting their asses on. Still, there’s no solutions to at least help minimum wage earners get back to school, or have better opportunities on higher paid jobs that can be independent and break the dependance with Public Assistance. There’s still don’t get to their empty skulls, that living on minimum wage isn’t a “great experience” like Mr. Ryan said, it’s a nightmare that it could end pretty bad for families or disabled individuals where one setback like car problems or child illness or their own illness could send them on their way to homelessness.

If politicians can’t survive on minimum wage for a year or more, they’re not worth to win a vote from me or anybody who experienced this stage. It’s hypocrite to think that still these congressmen, senators, even mayors and council members are out of touch with reality and can’t definitely are apathetic with the real needs of the people by doing such a vain stunt. I believe that these people as well as doctors, are public servants and should be pay accordingly to their work. Not treated like royalty. If these law abiding will earn minimum wage, problems would be solved in another way instead of looking the other way while they’re dining at a expensive restaurant while minimum work employees are picking off the half eaten meal.