If You Can’t Win… Sew

Every parent in America dread this special occasion, one of many dreading events involving their child and the school he’s or she’s involved in. From the first day going to these cold concrete buildings full of other kids to the Prom. Prom is the celebration of a nearly going to their next step in their lives, it’s the beginning of the end of semi-dependency and into the beginning of independence and freedom. But for the school districts, Prom is stained some cases beyond repair because of their “strict” rules of how these teenagers should dress and their stories full of anger, disappointments and confusion from both sides.

It’s incredible that the excuse for cancelling Prom will be a girl dressing up in a tuxedo, or banning girls because their chests are too big, or wearing strapless or “skimpy” dresses, and men who are transgendered dressing as females. Another thing is the school officials and board directors control the way Prom “should” “celebrated” by banning certain music, hairstyles and even inviting porn stars. Ok, inviting porn stars, that I could agree on the issue, but the other trivial things it’s kind of making this celebration of life into a funeral. I think every parent dream will be having your girl dressed like this:

But school officials wants girls to look like this instead:

Yeah! Consider me extremist… but that’s their dream School Directors and Board Members are contemplating and it’s not a great idea.

On the parent’s side, I know your frustration to find the “perfect” dress for your daughter. But still, it’s a hassle and an inconvenience shopping store after one and all you see are dresses that authorities may be having a heart attack over this and the  shops has:

So, in order to not give up and curl yourselves in a ball in a fetal position crying and wimping, here’s an alternative to find the prom dress you, your daughter and the school district could be satisfied with. Make your OWN clothes! You heard that right! Learn to sew your own clothes. It takes time, practice and a little bit of determination but you’ll be ready in time or before for the prom. I truly don’t know why they school districts doesn’t implement Home Economics back (if they cancel it) while eliminating sex ed and teach girls to make their own dresses they feel comfortable with. Sewing it’s a great asset to girls and women out there who can’t otherwise afford a hundred dollar dress. It will focus on their own individuality and improve their confidence in doing something they’re deemed to do in the first place. Do you think that women in the great depression buy clothes like they do right now in the recession? Women in that era made clothes, so why they don’t start now? For your motivation, here’s an old story.