Too Much, Too Much Promiscuity…

This country is oversexualized beyond repair. We seen kids having kids that they cannot take care of them. Kids with incurable venereal diseases and severe mental and emotional damage. Adults that aren’t brave enough to commit to at least one person and plenty of damaged single women without husbands who are raising kids with different sperm donors seems how wrecked and malignant this society has become in over the course of decades ever since the “sexual liberation” in the 60’s.

We seen a lot of private parts floating around in magazines, semi-sexual or complete sex acts in TV and movies and even in songs and frankly I had enough. It’s not about cutting sex out from the map and become asexual is about implementing responsibility and accountability. Sexual Education in school failed completely in teaching teenagers sex is not like shaking hands or giving a kiss. It needs commitment, honesty and responsibility. Those three simple three things is the key to have healthy relationships and a great legacy of having children who have both parents.

It takes two to tango, but two have to continue the dance from dating to marriage and beyond. It’s ridiculous to me that for a stupid problem couples aren’t compromising, instead they’re fighting to the death or split apart forgetting what they had built that cost a lot of sacrifices. It’s not about being man enough to have sex with hundred of thousands of women to become a man, the same thing with women, it’s about how can be tolerant with your wife or husband and be faithful to one person for the rest of your life that is what truly defines to be a man or a woman.

But sadly, we ignored it. We just go obeying our hormones instead of our feelings and there you have it, humping like animals sometimes in front of people, sometimes hidden in our rooms and disasters that follows. We as society, should be teaching our kids going to that puberty stage about the good and the consequences of sex and also teaching them about self-control because it’s not the school duty or government to do so.  Because it is very true that it was better to wait until you get married, than spreading legs to strangers you met for 10 minutes, 30 minutes max in a bar. Because, the whole sexual liberation thing did it’s part and it’s caused the destruction of the family structure.