Whites Lives Now Matter?

On Sunday, In Minnesota, Police answered a 911 call from a woman dealing with a disturbance at her home. Problem was that the Minnesota Police instead of assisting this young woman to safety, they shot her. You might think is a Black woman, right? Well, this is going to be really shocking for the fact that this 40 year old woman is white and she’s from Australia. Justine Damond from Sydney was killed in a unclear motive involving two policemen and that’s not all, these so called Police had their body cameras disconnected when they supposed to have it on at all times which dampened the investigation into the case.

Meanwhile, the crowd went wild! In the sense that it was this self-help coach is more valuable than a pregnant Black Woman with 4 kids who dealt with mental illness, or a teacher who was traveling to out of state being stopped without an explanation or the cases of many women who had been mistreated, punched like a man and being damaged emotionally. It created such an uproar of grand proportions because, first she’s white, European Caucasian woman and she deserve all the investigation and a faster one to jail those two policemen with all the extent of the law.

But ignoring all these Black women who had a bad experience with a cop with sometimes deadly results, where’s the protest in all this? Where’s the justice served for them? Are these voices still heard or they’re muffled by the consistent bashing on every defect these Black women has from their illness to their poor choices in their lives? Are the police involved paying the price from their actions or a back in their job like nothing happened like hiding their dust under the rug. It seems an outrage when one person receive all the attention from mainstream news sources to social media while Black women are being ignored and even not even recognized.

After this news surfaced, the outreach of support and indignation were outstanding, meanwhile another Black woman is enduring a bad traumatic experience by a white cop sometimes with deadly consequences and no ones gives a damn about it.