Taking Some Short Cuts

Hi WordPress Readers:

I have been blogging for years. Even on sad days, horrible outcomes and also happy moments. I will try to blog when I can but as days go by, my concentration is getting worse because of all my issues that I have been dealing recently. My Dysthymia truly annoys the hell out of me and with no medication or therapy isn’t the best, but because of that I can’t even have the time for myself to gather my thoughts and put in into paper. how many projects that I have from writing a book, to short stories not finished because of the lack of concentration or not having the right words to put into paper. How many subjects I want to express through this blog yet, the lack of time and also the lack of concentration make it difficult to finish what I started. It seems that as the years goes by, my concentration plus my illness and situations out of control makes it a barrier that I can’t break it and keep on doing what I enjoy which is writing.

But don’t worry, this is NOT the end or a goodbye to what I created. I will still blog, but sporadically. Taking short hiatus for a little bit until my mind becomes clear to be able to write again. I thank everyone for supporting me and subscribe to my blog. I will coming back with a great vengeance.

Thank you so much for your understanding.

Omay 🙂