Who Deserves Health Care

Many Republicans has been spreading their hate over the regular joes and the poor Americans that sometimes they have to sacrifice between food, rent or their health. Destroying Obamacare has been their long time plan and they’re doing it flawlessly without even considering the consequences of their narcissistic actions. From the moment they’re imposing that women who takes contraceptives shouldn’t be able to get a job or a house (aka The Handmaid’s Tale), to the drastic cuts to Medicaid which even a disabled woman in a wheelchair had been escorted out of the capitol and the latest a ignorant man stating that people with Type 2 Diabetes shouldn’t be having health insurance because they gave themselves this illness.

The name of this asshole? Mick Mulvaney who is Trump Budget Director. Okay, let me get this straight. Even people who work out and be active and eat right who even gets Type 2 Diabetes are faced to being denied of their care by their health insurance because they got this way? That sounded like a car hitting a pothole even thought there were no signs of caution.

Type 2 is something that sometimes it could be avoidable but other cases, it’s not. It’s a genetic illness and even thought you tried to avoid it, there’s always going to catch with you. That’s what Mulvaney doesn’t understand the concept. He thinks that Diabetics are lazy people who eats junk food, who smoke and drink alcohol and they’re a waste on their resources. Seriously?

I mean what Republicans are thinking? They don’t actually don’t want to fix but rather throw the undesirables away (who actually need this safety net) while getting money out of the healthy ones. I wonder what their health insurance they’re carried so they don’t have to worry what type of illness they have, ’cause they always get it figure it out. Meanwhile, millions of Americans have to juggle between paying their bills and also open a gofundme to settle with their bills.

There’s no way in sight to resolve this debacle over who acually deserves health care and who is abusing it. Health care is obviously a right for every American. You get sick, you have to find a way to get better. There’s shouldn’t be a middleman who could stop between getting the care you want and the payment you should give to the doctor. Health Care shouldn’t be expensive, or out of reach. It is NOT a luxury. How many times I have to tell this over and over? But politicians, specially Republicans doesn’t care! They just care about people who have money in their pockets and bank accounts and also companies influenced by pharmaceuticals and Health Care Private companies.

It seems that this country would never be getting rid of the downside of Capitalism specially when it comes to our health.