Former Stripper and so-called model Amber Rose has draw controversy by posting a photo on Instagram showing her bush along with the tag #bringbackthebush. Rose, an avid feminist posted, but then deleted the photo for the sake of expressing her “empowering” views of feminism who caught the attention of controversial commentator Piers Morgan. Morgan, commented:

“Posting nude photos in the supposed name of feminist empowerment is pathetic attention seeking bullshit.”

In the back and forth of exchange words and pictures on Twitter, Social and Mainstream media “applauds” Rose while vilifies Morgan. And I just wonder, how come showing your privates equates to women empowerment? Doesn’t suppose that when a woman excel in the arts, business, sports, politics or even in their own average work, they make them empowered? The illusion of feminism is that they have this right to show their privates, and avoid the real issues such as (as I always say) the lack of liberties of many women in middle eastern because of sharia law. And yes, there’s still women in the us, who are kidnapped and placed on sex trafficking, and who are marching against that? NOT THE FEMINIST MOVEMENT!

The truth of the matter is that this is not slut shaming, if it’s for the sake of millions of girls to stop this false “empowerment” that will put girls on a risk of being actually raped, killed or in other instances whores and act like it’s normal. Even though Morgan has his bad sides in the past I definitely agree on his opinions partly because third wave feminism has grew too far in the sense that it’s more about physical gratification and attention than helping women being “equal” with the males in every aspect.

How about #bringbackwomenroles? or #keepyourpartsprivate? or #strippingisnotempowerment? Because bringing back the bush isn’t empowering, it’s just as pornographic as going to an adult convention.