Latest Fad: “Speak English and The Rise on Hate Speech”

Years before when Bush came into “power” there has been a surge on Hate Crime, targeted at minorities and even before social media, there’s incidents where you as a minority go into a public place like a supermarket or a restaurant and when you speak an unknown language, there’s certain scenarios such as mean glares and stares and somewhat in once in a lifetime opportunity that someone would not politely say these words “Speak English.” Unknown to their ignorance, lack of maturity and class, these people assumed that when you speak a language they don’t understand, because sadly public schools doesn’t emphasize on learning other languages to be far advantaged, they’re talking supposedly badly about them. Incidents, could only be ignored or if they want to go ahead set it off in court.

But now, since the growing number of people having smartphones, social media and Facebook, these incidents came into the light in the most rawest possible after the Trump administration came into place. Incidents where a middle aged man in a wheelchair insulted, belittle and even throw cramped used napkins at a man who was talking in Spanish to his mother who is living in Puerto Rico. Others like a woman shopping at Walmart and then all of the sudden got yelled to “Speak English” followed by “Go Back to Mexico” even thought that person might not be Mexican at all. And more serious and deadly one when two Muslim girls were harassed by a White Supremacist and three guys step in to stop it, and sadly two of these men were killed.

The issue of this matter is going back to why these people act the way they shouldn’t, and why the hatred just because someone acts, behaves and even dressed differently than the normal typical American. The answer could be simple but there’s a lot of it than questions. The most common reason is fear of the unknown. Rumors about a certain country bad reputation and also how society visualize foreigners as enemies when they don’t want to assimilate the American Culture. And even if they assimilate, they still have their traditional customs into the mix, that include their native language, their clothes, their culture, even their music, their religion which is impossible to let it go. Even with the rise of terrorism by middle eastern organization groups, it frightens them to the point that they don’t want to let refugees living in this country or any country because they assume that they’re terrorists who wants to invade the White House and claimed it for Isis or whatever.

Other issue is the confusion about certain nationalities like for example Hispanics and Middle Eastern people. A quick note: NOT ALL HISPANICS ARE MEXICANS. Another quick note: NOT ALL SIKHS ARE LINK TO TERRORISTS. Because actually they get hit the most because of the ignorance, rumors and stereotypes that other jackasses create. Yes, last quick note: NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS AND TRYING TO BRING THEIR SHARIA LAW WITH THEM.

The fact is American people are lacking knowledge and tolerance because actually there’s no classes in public schools that emphasize what’s other countries traditions, customs and languages so they could be interested in learning. They want to place their own vision of their own country history and send a lite version of any other country’s history into the mix. And yes, there’s a lot of organizations and groups destined to if they have their own way, they could send foreigners back into their own country of origin, some can even plan to murder, like for example Jeremy Joseph Christian who not only harassed those two girls but killed two men and injured another. Christian grew up learning to hate other people nationalities, language and their customs. He believed that America belongs to the whites and to other people they should leave if they don’t like their hated point of view. Painted as “patriotic,” this deranged, damaged person can’t even try to reason to make him understand about being tolerant and respecting other’s people spaces and world. He have been raised to hate simply and sadly. Even his expression in one of his mugshot and even is one of discontent in the video of his trial shows the anger, resentment of a broken man who got led into believe that any enemy even if it’s their own, wants to destroy his own race. That’s what people are so afraid of anyone who’s different, even if they’re born in the US, and to me that’s pretty alarming.

How can this country be united?

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