Broken Fairy tale

It is with great sadness, that I’m officially single again.

So, here’s the details. When a person change and doesn’t express his feelings towards your significant other and then out of the blue not thinking before saying things. This things were about to happen.

Honestly, I thought that this was the One, but it wasn’t. Instead, he was becoming distant to the point of being with his friends than spending time with me, or getting to know me. Instead, he just said those words, “Are you leaving?” and I just replied “I’m thinking” followed by “If you wanna leave, just leave.” So, I packed my things, placed in Walmart bags and I left without saying a word. Oh, and his things he gift me, I left it there. I could buy better and fun things, by the way at Walmart.

But the thing was that this relationship went so fast, that in the end it just poof like hitting the clock by 12 and the carriage and the dress and the shoes disappeared.  Seems to me that I choose the wrong type of guy than the right one and timing isn’t in my favor.

Still, I have to recoup. Slowly. After the crying and the panic attacks. I went back to my nephew’s house feeling like a freaking loser. Loser in the aspect that I couldn’t keep a man, and basically failing at the aspects of relationships, trying to understand the guy, isn’t my forte. And I’m very angry, tired, lonely once again. That for the first time, I can’t even feel my freaking heart in the whole mess by Monday. I was completely numb. I went to work, but I wasn’t myself. Not even a pint of angry. Remembering the break-up over and over along with what if this or that. But as I always say, if a man isn’t interested in you and wants you to leave, he is NOT in love with you.

At least, it was a healing point in my life, and at the same time destruction. Right now, I really don’t want to deal with beginning of so-called relationships.

So, if I don’t write like I should, it’s because I’m in the damn grieving process.