Our Nightmare Has Just Begun

A few days prior, the GOP adopted their “new” and “improved” American Health Care Act and passed in Congress, even thought the American public dislike their crooked ideals. Remember, my last post when  Bush was in power and people have to decide whether they have to steal a bank, getting a pay day loan just to keep their loves ones from dying? Well, this is basically the same thing, but worst. Worst against the poor, the middle class and majority the women who are slowly but surely being cutting out of their essentials like family planning, pregnancy and the controversial of all, being sexually assaulted.

In a time that Obamacare should do it’s job to bring millions of Americans insured, still it has it’s weaknesses like for the example, the federal mandate which many Americans have to pay a fine because or either they couldn’t find a freaking affordable insurance, or they didn’t find one on time. The reality is that republican states won’t allow Medicaid expansion risking a lot of families and individuals fend for themselves and because they hate Barrack Obama so much they want to see their people suffer, which is the most childish thing in the book.

Now, Private health insurances are mostly jumping around with joy in their faces. Republicans are now with their grins, even without reading what its provisions to the reform. They didn’t come up with explanation why they adopt this new reform. But it’s very clear, they have been bought by these greedy companies to rob of every American, that security that Obama has left and replaced it with a freaking nightmare to the point that if you have a serious illness, you better prepare yourself for the undertaker.

The question still remains: Why the hell, they created such a monster to then now let it out of the wild? Why the Democrats, or the people who wrote petition after another one, calling their phones, emailing them, didn’t stop them? Why this administration is so callous, so cold and worst, calculated? I mean, I survived, Bush administration, but never in my life had experienced so much evil in the face of all these buffoon and call it winning even without breaking a sweat.

Sometimes I don’t have the meanings to what they have done. But as every news outlet, it’s just basically giving tax cuts for the rich, while putting restrictions on pre-existing conditions, giving less premiums and saving to young healthy people while giving them more premiums to old and expensive. Is this the beginning of the new Republican Resurgence? I think so and if we keep being silent about this, they’re gonna have their way with the American public to the point that these nightmares of seeing your relatives dying will be turned into reality.