Getting My Dreads On: Sort of

On April, I was contemplating doing a radical change in my life. After all, I endured a lot of shit in the past months from leaving a cold state to a warm state on my own and then starting all over with all the hiccups and setbacks at least I stood up scathed but still alive.

For years I have been thinking about having dreadlocks in my hair, just because it suits my personality. I saw multiple YouTube video tutorials on how to make it, and it was just as difficult and complicated to understand that I really don’t want to damage my hair more than it is. So, one of the things that I tried to get was finding a hair stylist that specialize in these type of hairstyles. The problem however is that due that I was living in the North at first, there’s isn’t one that does that because obviously the majority is just white. They cannot deal with my hair, how they can do dreadlocks? So, I let it go until I moved to the South and the quest to find the right stylist to do those things. First, I went to a cosmetologist school because I needed a treatment for my hair since I have been losing it since, I dyed my hair black and caused me an allergic reaction to the point my head was swollen. Then a few days later I went back to ask to see if there’s stylist who specializes in dreadlocks. The receptionist referred to one of their students who gave me the name and phone number and decided to make the call. At least, she gave me the website for the work she done and her results were amazing. So I called her, visited her salon and she gave me two options. One that it’s permanent but cost me $230.00 but the hair have to be natural, while the other one is temporary and it cost only $85.00 and it’s just cornrow crochet and you can use synthetic dreads for it. To be real, I was waiting on getting paid, so I can pay it. But my boyfriend paid for it, and I was hesitant. Because I get this mentality that I can buy my own stuff, but when he said, you’re not gonna say no for an answer, I was like okay. I schedule the appointment on Wednesday and it took an hour for the procedure. The beautician was very good at her craft. So, here’s my results:


Still, I got a few hours to get to my job on time. She was very great. And I love the results.

Now, it has been more than three weeks and I have been taking care of my dreads, all while having a lot of complements about my looks. But by next month, I will have these things removed so that my hair can heal itself, but then I want another round of those dreads, this time I wanted in Black. But I feel more like a Goddess the first time I see myself with these dreads. It’s a new life, why not new style?