The Resurgence of MGTOW

Lately I have been watching videos about a certain group contrary to the Feminist movement and it’s gaining momentum over the past few years. Men Going Their Own Way or MGTOW is a organization of men destined to improve their manhood and their male identity and role destroyed by the feminist agenda and basically teach them a lesson in male superiority.

While the Feminism illusion is basically doing everything than the males have been doing it since the beginning of time, MGTOW ideology is basically gaining their leadership that has been taken over by the feminist moment and basically go back to the era where the men where the leaders, and the women the caretakers of the household.

As I watched these videos by Sandman, MGTOW Syndicon, Captain Nemo among others and expressed not only their displeasure of what the feminist movement has done over decades which is simply destroy the traditional family values, devalue, ignore, belittle, victimized men,  but also teach men to avoid certain types of women, to be vigilant and to keep their wealth in check. Obviously, they’re the ones who hold the cards to the table and they’re not risking their soul to meet someone who doesn’t respect them in the first place.

But here’s what doesn’t look right to MGTOW: The denigration of middle aged women.

Some of the videos that I watched and the comments viewers on YouTube had posted it just insult after derogatory insult about women privates and telling other men to avoid single women, golddiggers and middle aged women while focusing on getting younger naive women is kinda of defeat their purpose. It sounded more like middle eastern men who just wants to marry 12 year olds, instead of marrying someone for their own age. Their mentality is just hatred towards women who have been independent, in some cases, for so long, and also bad experiences by so-called women who cheated on them, took their money, took their kids and they have to pay the consequences of it, even though it’s not their fault in the majority of the cases. Trick them to pay child support by a breach of contract, example the woman skip on her birth control. The problem is this, their resentment for not taking their issue sooner and these women took advantage of the situation and used their smarts to gain favor for the family courts and there you have it. They’re in disgrace, they’re .

MGTOW although it has a few good points about dominance and getting back to their roles where the men were the breadwinners, they’re literally failed to understand the concept of traditional family values. This time, the men who believe in this ideology, won’t provide to her wife if he decides to marry her, and instead make her sign a pre-nup that in case of cheating or leaving, his money isn’t going to her hands for the rest of her life. In other words, she’s going to be homeless, back to her parents home if they’re alive or starting all over all while they go their own way to find a younger model.

They’re against dating, marriage and against feminism, because obviously they can’t control what they can’t handle. And they won’t handle the risk involving the opposite sex in terms of mating. And instead they want to focus on their accomplishment to humankind if that what it’s called.

But wait a minute! That means if they focus on humankind, they cannot think about having a family, right? Because having a family obstruct their purpose, right? That’s part of the mentality of a MGTOW. They want to be the kings of the castle but they won’t take part of the dance that involved their genetic offspring into their lives. They will sleep with women left and right but they can’t accept their consequences of their actions and try to fix or keep it civil. And basically once their hit their middle age and their market value, their portfolio and their 401k are maxed out, instead of being involved with someone their own age, they rather hire prostitutes or have tons of one night stands with the women they despise, yes, the feminists. The single women with kids, the middle aged women who you guys say are past their expiration date, they keep on playing and in the end guess what, they will create a lot of wealth and they will do a lot of achievements to society, but sadly they will end up in the nursing home regretting every choice they made over the years.

It’s a nice gesture to go back to their traditional values, but actually they’re doing it wrong and worst than what feminist are doing right now.