The Cruel Reality of a Handmaid

Last week, Hulu released the most anticipated series of the year, The Handmaid’s Tale which is based on a best seller book by Margaret Atwood and honestly it’s seamlessly beautiful as it is very raw viewed in a third person narrative.

The first three episodes available are very addictive, reflective, emotional. The story of June/Offred with pieces of her past life as a editor or consultant at a book publishing company, married to a Black man, having an interracial kid while having it all in a world that quickly changed everything of what it used to the the United States. Her memories revolves around her freedoms as a liberal woman torn away and every woman around her, at the sight of a more powerful entity destined to make a clean slate for what women’s rights have achieved and damaged over the decades and being placed to the lesser role of being a maid and being a surrogate.

The most painful event that many feminist fear is having their rights taken. This novel depict a realistic view of June from the moment her world went slowly crashing down to the painful experience of being a handmaid. This series surely came out in a time that women are facing a serious threat against their beliefs, their control over their decisions and their bodies against the patriarchy and religion.

But lets checks the important aspects of this somewhat controversial tv show.

What is Gilead?

It’s a totalitarian military theocracy organization who revolted against the Government of United States and took control of everything that we’re familiar with. This organization relegates women as property and control, while the men take decisions from politics to everyday common life. The women cannot even get education, are prohibited to read, cannot work except being Marthas which are just housekeepers and Handmaids which are surrogates. Any violation, could led to death. In the TV show, they rose against the government, destroyed the Constitution and replace it with the Holy Bible with their own ideas and killed anyone who disobeyed or was against their ideals.

Women Rights Eliminated:

This is a men wet dream. June/Offred was a consultant at a book publishing business, along with her best friend Moira she was having or trying to have it all. Have a daughter, have a husband (who is Black), a job that brings her stability, even with all the slow changes that goes around in her life sooner it started to strike when she was at a ice cream shop, she was puzzled to find a guy instead of a woman who used to work there. As soon as she was using her card, it showed with insufficient funds. And followed by it, the guy make some offensive comments toward her and Moira, they immediately left the place. At her job, she received the bad news from her manager, with sadness and even anger at his face, he informed that all women are laid off. She and every women working in that department left the building and escorted outside the building. Women have their bank account frozen, their properties like a house or a car have been impounded. Basically they don’t have voice or vote in this change so the women decided to make a march against this new totalitarian government with tragic results with the Gilead, killing every heckler. The women who survived are placed as surrogates if they’re infertility is in good shape or housekeepers. Any rest who are deemed infertile or unclean are sent to colonies.

Pollution and Women’s Rights were the catalyst:

United States has endured a lot of changes, specially when it comes to the environment which in the novel, they didn’t implements all these laws we have today. Instead, the toxic airs were making people sick, dying. Others like women are becoming sterile because of it. The reason becomes unclear if Gilead fixed this issue, or just take advantage of the situation by sending people to places with higher amounts of deadly pollution. Also, they took Women rights away, because of their old restrictive ideals taken out of context from the Bible and blamed women for their promiscuity, their control of their bodies regarding what time they can have children, dedicating their lives in getting a career, getting a PHD’s, and even play with men emotions. Two problems that Gilead decided to take heed and try to resolve under the law of the Bible.

Handmaid Tale came up in a time that women’s rights are facing a strong chain of events involving birth control, “freedom,” and controlling what men want from them. It is a cautionary tale of one of the things that we take for granted, women now a days, should learn from watching this tv show and meditate about the good and the bad things about feminism, and decide if going back to the right role is worth it before it will continue to rule the destruction of family, communities and even themselves. Can’t wait for the rest of the episodes.