Short Notices

It’s been a few days since I didn’t blog as usual, but yes, single life has been taken my toll recently that I just gave up on dating online all while focusing on enjoying the things I used to have like for example, going to the movies, going to the park and also going to the pubs/bars around town just for a nice night, even without company. But yes, something happened. I wasn’t expected it, and neither do this person. He basically stopped me as soon as I was headed for the door. His first words: “You sing good on that karaoke.” I was like “Nahh, not really, I sucked at that.” He was checking me out when I was sitting on a table by myself and was asking if I was waiting on someone or have a boyfriend. He ended up looking for me. And the rest is history, basically and honestly I found my soulmate, believe it or not. We enjoy ourselves and couldn’t let go from each other. It was like any other romantic story that I despise (because honestly I like Sci-Fi and Horror more), when this lonely chick meets this man that in a course of events it leads to something meaningful and also full of honesty and truth. The first night that I met him have so much chemistry that I decided I give him a date on Saturday. Friday night, I invited him to come to a pub nearby with a co-worker and he showed up. He was very nice, funny and a very good dancer… even thought I was shy around him. He surprisingly gave me a single rose, which was a nice honest gesture for me since I told him I never had any romantic events in my life because honestly I didn’t experienced it.

But overall, since I really don’t want to tell the whole story. We’re still together and follow our hearts and emotions in the process. And so far, it’s very good like a fairy tale that yes, I despised but I felt like I deserve so much happiness in the process. Because it’s no good that a battered, broken and leftover of a woman can’t live like she don’t deserve to be healed, or treated more like diamonds or gold, or be respected, held, loved. I’m so blessed to have this person into my life.

And Now for the Issues:

Better Dolls Than It

A mother visiting Target because she’s finding her daughter a gift for potty training, her daughter was suggestively “scolded” by a Target cashier because she picked an African-American doctor doll instead of finding a doll that suited her based on her appearance and skin. 2 year old Sophia, a Caucasian girl was the subject of a subtle suggestion of choosing the one that identifies her kind from a Target cashier. “She doesn’t look like you, we have lots of other dolls that look like you” the ignorant cashier recommended. Her response, its kind of a simple one in which she replied “Yes, she does! She’s a doctor like I’m a doctor, and I’m a pretty girl and she’s a pretty girl. See her pretty hair? And see her stethoscope?” Her mother after the end of the whole snafu, felt proud of her choices and ashamed that there’s still ignorant people among us that are biased towards one race while belligerent other races and even nationalities.

Another thing that raise curiosity, why the hype over this? Oh, it’s because a white kid choosing a Black doll than a Barbie doll that makes such a ruckus. But there’s a lot of Black girls who didn’t have choices in their childhood years that they choose Caucasian’s dolls because in that time finding a Black doll that can be an influence and a role model to them. Why this isn’t in the news?

Squirel Whisperer

A scorned and angry woman in her late 40’s, hurt by her former boyfriend James Robinson by ridiculously trained loose squirrels. Janice Smith, a former circus animal trainer decided this out of the ordinary plan to inflict pain to Robinson that actually cost his fingers and part of his testes. The boyfriend found out it was Smith’s after he saw her behind the bushes cheering these poor creatures while attacking him mercilessly. After the police visited her house, they found cages which holds 27 squirrels, and two dummies with the pictures of his ex-boyfriend. Smith will be charged for criminal harassment and using animals as weapons and she will be facing 65 years in prison that if she’s fit for a trial which her lawyers wanted to get a psychiatric evaluation.

Don’t know if she was brave to do such a thing, or she’s completely insane, that it reminds me of the movie Willard, (which I recommend) in which the protagonist have to confide with mice. I feel pity for this lady, but smirking at the same time.

Reasons Why Trump Administration Doesn’t Matter

Every morning all eyes are glued or unglued when the so-called President Donald Trump comes into the TV screen at the news and it’s not always pleasant. Mostly it’s a new show of comedy that suddenly loses it’s magic and it turning very boring. The whole Russia probe followed by false allegations of wiretapping claims simply can’t distract even the dumbest asshole who voted from this guy from what’s exactly is happening behind closed doors. Where this week Trump is going to meet with dignitaries and foreigners with his awkward behavior, his ultra narcissistic persona and his influences with big business, truly makes this guy unsuitable for leadership. Even people who voted for him, have second thoughts about the whole issue, making prone to make this country sink because actually Trump doesn’t give two fucks about fixing this country. Sorry, but I think it’s time to find a more suitable, serious and a person with common sense than this clown.

Get a Room Just Took Another Level

In a viral video showed up on Social Media, a feminazi choice for telling a couple to get a room was distasteful, immature and disrespectful. The unnamed woman, was simply triggered when a couple were kissing on the girl’s forehead and immediately started insulting, belittling and calling names to the couple interrupting their public displays of affection. The woman, with her holier than thou attitude, cussed, drew her temper tantrum, asked for her money back, threatened to call the police, threatened to call the management of the establishment to fire the employee. This woman definitely was envious of a couple who were displaying their affection towards each other, something that the feminist movement can’t grasp and understand because these women are bitter, angry and definitely out of their minds and reality of what the proper role women should acquire. The role that women have been abandoning just because they want to act just like men, be paid like men, have sex like men, be like men. But they never been like men. And that’s why these things happens. The lies, the illusion, the false sense of power makes these women confused and lost. This woman make a ridicule of herself by putting a show like a immature kid looking for attention. Well, she got the attention, the negative kind of it.

Anyway, stay safe, take care and I will write more stuff.