Cry Me The Whole Ocean

A story emerged in the following hours about a single mother who got banned at a father/daughter dance event at school, even before stepping inside the school grounds simply because she’s a woman. Even if she dressed up like a man by buying a checkered shirt, pants and using mascara to draw a beard and mustache and wearing a hat, the principal of Locust Grove Elementary called her a few hours before the event took place and forbid her to not attend that event, because it’s only for Dads and their children.

The mother, Amy Peterson couldn’t believe the principal of the school did such a thing where other single mothers get creative and have a successful fathers and daughter event dressed up like men. Despite this setback, she didn’t have no other choice to tell her daughter about it, and her dreams was crushed because of her principal actions.

But should we have to be sympathetic with this woman and her child, who their dreams have been crushed by a “ruthless” principal? In my opinion, simply NO.

First of all, putting the “being a single mother is tough” card in front of the headlines news actually it makes single mothers cannot deal on their own, that they’re just victims of society because men are pigs, who the moment they have sex, they just leave like a person who leaves his own family behind while the house is on fire.  But reality is that if the woman/girl doesn’t take precautions in terms of being protected against pregnancy by using contraceptives and demanding the guy who is going to be sleeping with uses condoms, this is the result, a bun in the oven that no one would ever enjoy.

It’s irrelevant to me that Black women are mostly 70%-85% who are unmarried with out of wedlock children, when in reality every woman no matter their nationality, acts like the fire isn’t going to get burned by doing their risky behavior telling themselves that the person they’re with is going to be with them through thick and thin, when in fact when they get pregnant, they’re on their own. They’re by themselves and only family and the government are their lifeline to keep themselves with their heads above water.

I know being a single woman is tough. While some women take their lives seriously, the majority doesn’t even care about the wellness of their child unless it comes with “Child Support” embedded in their heads as a meal ticket, so they can buy jewelry, clothes, even hair extensions instead of using that money for the wellness of the child.

Some women, I know it’s tough leaving their babies at daycare and pretend, “I’m powerful and I can do what I want” mentality when in fact in the past, women who have kids unmarried, their kids have to be taken apart and be with adopted parents, while the woman must have to act like nothing happened. Doesn’t it sounds swell going back to that era, where the men is out of the question regarding the wellness of the child while the woman/girl are blamed for their indiscretion and pay the consequences of their actions? Because basically leaving their kids at daycare or some stranger while they just pretend they’re single by going clubbing and have sex like crazy doesn’t sound right. Yes, I know there’s a few that assume their responsibility by working two jobs almost to at least bring the food on the table at a cost of their children important stage in their lives during those first years by leaving at the hands of strangers.

Now the tricky part, playing the victim when things aren’t going their way. This is one of many examples that women no matter how sometimes raise their children at what they can do, still society have to teach them a way or two about gender and about roles. A man is the provider, the leader, the head of the household and the community he lives in. The woman on the other hand, she’s the caretaker, the teacher, the soft hand of the family. Why can’t even understand that a mother and a father is the best for childbearing. Not one person! And yes… assuming that society have to be pity of women who have poor choices and then assume the role of the victim to get ahead on certain occasions like for example “father/daughter dances that it’s purpose is to have a connection of “father/daughter” relationship. I just wonder, where’s the father in the news story? If she could have a great relationship with the father, and more importantly share custody with her daughter, maybe she wouldn’t be in that predicament of being dressed like a man. Yay, Feminism! *Sarcasm