STFO Feminists

Here’s what I hate about the Feminist movement. It’s just an illusion that white females think they’re oppressed because they’re unhappy with their marriage, insulted because of catcalling and “triggered” because of words like “rape culture” that add a new grounds for their beliefs that is robbing every men’s role and dominate it. But sadly it’s for their own benefit of their white privilege not for other women from other nationalities and races that fights everyday the real war of sexism, misogyny and patriarchy.

A few days ago, I found an unfortunate example of the lack of the Feminist movement in action. This news headline is so troubling, so disgusting and more perverse than it never occurs when a white girl is basically the victim in all this mess. A teenager was missing from these dangerous streets of Chicago only to found her distraught, scared and damaged a few days after. The reason is more terrifying, coldhearted and calculated coming from a pages of a horror book. The girl endured a heartless, circle of sexual abuse, with 5 or 6 individuals and posted this heinous act on Facebook Live in front of 40 watches of these small group, none has reported this video to the authorities in the right time to stop that from happening. And that’s what’s really  “triggered” me the most. This “movement” who cries “rape culture” by dressing up in lingerie in the city streets, obviously ignored such a atrocious act and pretend it’s not real all while wearing pink cat beanies at protests and rallies. This movement who screams and bitch about male patriarchy and domination against their group on a daily basis is nowhere to be found at some point leaving this victim to fend for herself. Remember Jada? She was the subject of mean jokes, memes all around Social Media when her photo of her laid on the floor with her privates exposed. These bullies named it #jadapose that lasted almost months until she came out from the shadows along with her mother Sukeida to denounce these acts that destroy her life as well as the ones closest. See? The problem however is because of her color of the skin. These young women who endured this traumatic event, they’re on their own. Not only that, they have been shamed, ridiculed, blamed for something that actually was out of their control. Jada was no different, like the millions of Black girls who are turned victims of sexual abuse.

In a society that it’s common to denounce, point fingers at the perpetrators for committing these crimes, for a Black girl is the opposite. And instead of protecting them,defending them from the public eye, they have been scrutinized, question, forgotten and later ostracized, neglected and ridiculed. That is better to keep quiet and move on with their broken lives while the perpetrators are living free or in other sense being praised for their indiscretions. And the Feminist movement? Well, they’re just minding their own business! In their own response, they even didn’t care about the whole thing because it’s irrelevant for them. For Jada, she became, crushed, battered, humiliated once again after the incident. Soon, coming out of the shadows and having a strong determination, the news outlets rectified their mistake and was in solidarity with her cause to the point authorities caught these people responsible and later hold them accountable and then imprison. Jada didn’t feel sorry for herself, instead she just fought on without the support from the Feminist movement or any groups for that matter. She didn’t had no sympathy, or understanding, but she kept on publicizing her own experience.

Meanwhile the Feminist movement, their ideals, their beliefs in all that are just words that goes in the dust, when it comes to minorities like Jada and now this young girl. These girls are dealing with the shame, the guilt, the pointed fingers of a community being labeled as sluts, marked as it’s their own fault for their circumstances.

Instead of this movement being active in the sense of protecting, give them the support they needed, legal advise they just ignore the real atrocities these Black girls faced each day, each hour, each minute and in the end they just end up with tragic consequences for their rest of their lives. Take example this young woman by the name of Nakia Venant who did a Facebook Live video of herself ending her life by hanging herself. After moving from foster homes to another, she got abused and later she decided to end her life because there’s nothing that can really help her move forward. How ‘Bout Dat, Pink Hatters?


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