The Republican Renaissance

I had a bad feeling about this…

Never in my life would I ever in front of a storm that is so confusing and damaging as this administration has been over the span of a few months. Trump Administration has been in and out of controversial laws, bills, mandates and tactics that actually uncovers who’s the real republican party interest are. Sadly it’s not in favor of the poor, the disenfranchised, the disabled, women and children.

First, it was banning foreigners to come to live into this country, where people from Iran, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan cannot arrive, or find freedom in the US. But people from Pakistan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, which are the most violent in the sense of recruiting new people into the path of terrorism by joining Isis or Boko Haran or any other terrorist cell, can travel without asking. The false reason of the ban is to make the illusion of not letting terrorists masked as refugees to then create another 9/11, when in fact, these people who are dealing the effects of war on a daily basis want a better life. For that, it created an uproar, followed by peaceful protests at cities, on the streets and at airports to the point that the supreme court overruled this idea for being anti-constitutional. But it’s not over since they’re trying for a travel ban 2.0 in their agenda.

Health care is basically a human right in most developed countries, but for this country is has been very downhill ever since. With the changes from Obamacare, many Republicans wanted to see it gone, even with it’s strengths and weaknesses that this health act provided in this short amount of years without finding their own version to replace it. But seriously, what they offer is just to benefit private health insurance companies, reducing or secretly eliminating government funding towards the poor, the elderly, women and children. With the introduction of the American Health Care Act or Trumpcare seems doing the opposite of what Obamacare has done. Instead, it’s more focused on benefiting these companies while punishing the sick, old and denying basic health care for low-income Americans who needs it.

Talking about giving stuff away… How about the Arts? How about Environment, Education, Housing? Some of these 62 Agencies and Programs that actually are important to the develop of communities, from cleanup of nasty rivers to public television are going to be shut down for good because “it’s not benefiting anybody. And that’s not that all! In the following days, more programs are going to be axed like Meals on Wheels, After School Programs, Amtrak and even Job Corps. So why this impulse of cutting these necessary programs that are a lifeline to many Americans? It’s not about saving the money is more about leaving even Trump supporters and voters high and dry all while the rest have to deal with nasty rivers, no Sesame Street, no programs to keep the youth out of the streets after they got out of school and no help for youngsters to get a career even if they step out of school.

Letting his family play politics. Recently Ivanka Trump, has been giving her a security clearance. Doesn’t supposed to be given to officials who have been sworn in to do their duties, we the people, have been given the opportunity to do so? But instead, it looks more of a mafia family than a presidential one. The one that they are above the law or the constitution for that matter to do what the hell to their heart’s content no matter how many people or their own are going to be in danger. Family has to stay out of business, even far away ones, because they don’t have political experience, period! Ivanka is better at doing fashion clothes, jewelry, and perfumes, not pretending to be a career politician to then screw it up seriously.

For the first time, The Republican Party has been seeing it’s true colors without filter or censorship. The one that is destined to be beneficial to private corporations, cutting necessary programs to make this country marching in, and having ties to organizations, and nations with bad reputations.  It has been a very frightening scenario indeed… Don’t know what’s gonna happen in the next few months… But one thing is for sure, this is what the Republicans have been dreaming of for decades. And sadly it’s becoming all too real.