Stood Up Nightmare

Recently I met someone on a site and decided to text back and forth after he send me his number. A guy from California who served in the military and also has a job who broke up a few years ago and he was enjoying his “single” days. He decided to try to settle down. In the pictures, he wasn’t like Travis Deslaulier but he was average with a little bit of Guy Fieri. So, I kept chatting for five days with this guy about this and that and later we decided to meet in person at Starbucks around 7pm on Sunday.

On that day, after work and gym, I came home, took a shower, put my normal jeans with a nice black blouse, signature boots and my black jacket from Hot Topic I bought almost 7 years ago. Put some natural make-up hoop earrings and don’t forget fixing my hair. It was like, okay, I was in my opinion, natural, not flashy, just me. So, I arrived at the establishment and it was surrounded with three couples, one bookworm and three very muscular nice looking guys.

As I ordered the usual, which is Hot Green Tea with a cup of ice, because the first time I ordered it burnt my tongue, I paid it and sat on those high chairs in the front of the place so I can see what type of car he drives and how he looks like in person.

It passed one, ten, twenty minutes that I have been waiting and my anger was starting to built up and after half an hour without no text or call from the guy, I was thinking in my mind throwing the freaking green tea on the floor while throwing these uncomfortable chairs to the glass breaking it, like that day became carnage to me, then following doing the Purge in the middle of it all. But reality is another ballgame so instead I threw the damn drink to the trash can along with the cup of ice, grab my keys, my purse and I left. Didn’t care how people think about me leaving abruptly, and decided to go to a Mex bar and restaurant instead. Then one of my best friends called me to check on me and it was the worst time because I chat about the whole incident at the bar. When the bartender asked me what I wanted, I replied “I want a boyfriend.” As I talked to her on the phone, I told the bartender I needed the number one drink sponsored by one of my favorite artists Amy Winehouse, I ordered a shot of Tanqueray. But the bartender did a mistake and put that drink on the rocks instead of a shot. He later fix the issue by giving me two shots for the price of one. That was a great but still, tears were flowing down my cheeks while yes, couples, families and more couples were enjoying themselves for a nice Sunday evening. Meanwhile I was mourning my failures as a single person who don’t know a clue where I was going and afraid that I’m going to be alone for the rest of my life. It was a horrible experience, feeling angry, sad, depressed and worst humiliated under the effects of alcohol. Still in a populated area, couldn’t find the one who could make my life a little bit normal.

After the whole ordeal, I went home and received a text from the guy. His reasons about the stood up, was because he got passed out. He was apologizing about the whole thing, but it was too little, too later after two hours. With all of the sudden words just to solve everything: “I’m Sorry.” Frankly, I didn’t reply back to his text and in a few minutes, he replied again explaining with the so common “I know you’re mad” speech, the one that tells his sorry story about being struggling and single and all that. How tired he was after the break-up he had. Still, I didn’t respond, and now Ladies and Gentlemen! His Goodbyes! Finishing up with “Good luck with your search” really threw my anger through another level after I calmed down as if they put acid on a wound, not lemon. It felt like someone didn’t show up for work and I as the manager have to find a replacement or find an employee to cover that shift to then that person comes back wanting the job back.

Dating is the same thing. I always say that is the same as looking for a job. Have to figure it out if the right candidate is worth to spend time with me, and if they don’t show up, (no call/no show) they’re fired! When a potential date, no matter what, doesn’t show up just to get to know you on the first day, without texting or calling about it’s whereabouts, it’s not only an act of irresponsibility but also an act of immaturity on their part and it’s no way that I will give this person a second chance!

It is the first and hopelessly the last. And yes, giving up on Dating for a bit doesn’t seem like a bad idea after all. At least I could set my mind on other stuff besides meeting that “special” someone. I rather search for a Viking.