Such a Pity

Today as I watched CNN, it came a news headline story about a woman who is engaged to a robot she created. A french woman by the name of Lilly created a 3D printed robot named InMootivator, after a year of this unusual relationship with this thing, they’re engaged and after the government decides to include this human-robot marriage, they will tie the knot.

And I thought I got fed up with guys, but this took in another level…

My nephew was laughing out loud and spoke his mind about this subject. “That would be a great idea if I have a robot girlfriend who could have sex when I want to, shut her down if I’m not using it, not feeding it” he says. As for myself, I feel pity for this woman and immediately was going for the number one cause of the whole thing and a unfounded one which is the dreaded feminism. Because, a woman who she isn’t ugly in any way decided to create a robot because dating has become very difficult for her. But I think as the news about her story came out, it was because of a experience she have when she was 19. It didn’t state it what it was, but that’s when she decided to cut herself from human interaction and go mechanical. And I understand her struggles pretty well. I’m in a point that human interaction is very traumatic for me in the sense that when you start dating, the candidates you seem doesn’t match with your personality, with your goals and plans for the future. Mostly, it’s just a hook up or just a scam (like I experienced twice now) and the dreaded rejection from shallow men push me to the edge of my seat to the point that okay, maybe I would shun myself from meeting men all together because they make me feel damaged. I understand her ideal perfectly because it takes one or two or maybe three who can break your heart, tear your soul and make you feel like a failure all together to the point that you just given up on the whole thing and either you fight or flight to the opposite way. But sometimes when there’s no therapy in the world to fix yourself, there’s always the drastic measures. And this woman is NOT the exception.

lilly_inmoovator_2Being single, the struggle got real and absurd. Once again, this woman wasn’t ugly she felt uncomfortable with human interaction since she was 19 and develop a deep love with robots. Maybe this woman experience a bad trauma that even the media didn’t uncover yet, except for her to the point that she didn’t need counseling. It was at a point that she decided to fall in love and be accepted by an inanimate object than a human who just judged her for maybe her looks, her manners, her personality. That’s the problem, if she could get counseling in time, she didn’t have to deal with being the laughingstock for a little bit. But a lot of women who approach the 40’s unmarried, thinking what’s going on with their lives, even with a career, even with kids, they are in a point of either find someone, anyone or be alone for the rest of your life.

Either way, a woman experienced a traumatic event, either it changes into a positive or a negative and it determines who will be in the future. If there’s no fix in that event, she will be broken and after that it will turned into bitterness or lunacy and in some cases being shut off from the world, from the opposite sex, and even from herself.

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