Some Things with “Get Out”

Warning: Contains Spoilers

I was waiting for the new psychological thriller created by Jordan Peele, who was part of the TV show from Comedy Central “Jay and Peele.” For Peele, going from comedy to a thriller wasn’t difficult for him and it shows this unique view at three controversial subjects such as racism, interracial relationships and white supremacy.

In this story, shows a interracial couple going to visit her white girlfriend’s parents home far away, but what he encounters is the strange behavior her parents and their workers acting up that actually puzzles the main protagonist. But in the end, her family are a part of a secret society which their main objective is kidnap female and male African-Americans chose by Rose to then put them into hypnosis and later transfer the dying person’s subconscious and put it into the black persons mind taking control while the black person’s is placed into “The Sunken Place” (a darkness that they cannot have their own control on their bodies).

But what other things in that movie really hit the nerve with some of the viewers?

They will adore Black People for their Achievements

Many Black folks feels “entitled” and “honored” when they hear white co-workers or friends talked vehemently about Black achievers than they own. In  the movie the protagonist was a little impressed and somewhat skeptical when in a conversations with white people, they were emphasizing Obama, Tiger Woods and also even liking the color Black to appeal to them. In real life, for example, when Black Lives Matter movement started, there were more white people protesting than their own Black people. They will support their accomplishments, but in many cases those accomplishments comes with a price.

Acting White

get-out-trailerGeorgina, Walter and Andrew were behaving as if they’re white, like part of their personality, appearance and their accent were missing from them. And the reality of it is that blacks by trying to be accepted in a White supremacy society, they are trying to “assimilate” being something they’re not. Adapting their accent, their clothing, their attitudes and at the same time ignoring their heritage, their struggles and their identity to be accepted.

Secret Society

It is nothing new because it has existed for centuries to control one or many races orFilm Title: Get Out beliefs bellow theirs for the objective of survival. In “Get Out” it focused on a fictitious secret society named the Cicada, who their main purpose is to kidnap African-American men and women, using hypnotherapy to trapped themselves into the “Sunken Place” while physically they undergo an operation to have their brains changed and interchange with the dying person, but the soul is still there. One of the intentions of the secret societies is preservation of their own species even with controversial methods like Eugenics, which failed in eliminating a certain group of people because it was deemed undesirable in their space. Still, even thought they tried to control, that plan of Supremacy isn’t going to succeed any time soon.

White Supremacy Wants Our Strengths

A blind mysterious man was a photographer who develop a terrible illness causing him to become blind. He got a short conversation with the main protagonist, but when he won the mysterious bingo, he is chosen to steal his life, his works, his body as well as ignoring the fact that his soul remains and for that it is kept in captivity. African-Americans even thought they have excelled in many aspects that are predominantly white, still whites wants to imitate our clothing styles, our music, our fashion sense, and even our physical attributes and blended as their own. Problem however is that they didn’t experienced what African-Americans went through. They want to be like us, without our weaknesses.

Interracial Relationships are in fashion

Movies and commercials like these pictured a Black male in pair with a Caucasian woman as wife or girlfriend. It’s common these days that Black women and males often decided to swirl instead of marrying their own counterpart, mainly because of the societal pressures Black people have been encountered over the years. I know love has no boundaries but in a report by the US Census Bureau from 2010, Black men are more prone to marry whites than Black women in almost double. And that’s frightening, considering that Caucasians are more into marrying inside of their race for their own preservation of their species, meanwhile Black are continuing to disappear without even notice it. Persevering our own race is harder for African-Americans than Caucasians, but we still have time to fix that.

This movie is one of a kind in delivering controversial issues that makes us tick and makes us find our weaknesses and to find ourselves to liberate against white supremacy. This is real, folks! We have to get out of that mentality that we can be like them, we have to be superior to them for once.

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