Photowalk: Dunbar Cave

Very little locals have been know about this little gem out of the Middle Tennessee are. It is known for it’s prehistoric history, to mining resources like saltpepper and gunpowder during the Mexican-American war. To later, build a two story hotel which was famous for social events from the early 1900 up to the middle of the century. However with the popularity started to dwindling followed by a fire at the hotel which was never rebuilt afterwards, it was declared a state natural area in 1973. A few setbacks like the brief closure in 2002, during the state budgeting crisis, this park is still stand strong and ready to show a new experience to it’s residents and tourist about this man made cave.

The simple amenities that Dunbar cave have is it’s  trails that it last aprox. an hour, excellent for running, walking or hiking. It’s pet friendly in most cases you have to have your pet leashed, and a information booth to gather more curiosities as well as history, wildlife of the park.

This is the second time I visited and decided to bring my camera to take pictures of the wildlife. But the only wildlife that I caught were ducks swimming in a small pond by the right side of the parking of the park. I used the telephoto lens to get more closer to what they were doing and since my hands were trembling a little, with the lack of a Tripod, the photos didn’t do justice. Because of most of the pictures during the pond scene, were caught with motion blur or shakiness. After a few minutes of taking these shots in the pond, I decided to walk afterwards towards the cave and I had a little bit of a difficulty. It was a holiday (Martin Luther King) and there were a handful of families and couples that they were taking selfies inside of the cave and I was patient for like 5 minutes or more, but as soon as they left, there were more people coming in to just do the same. I just got pissed and left and took the trail instead to relax and at the same time to take more pictures of still life. It felt like an eternity on that short trail, imagine if it was an hour! I regretted not going for the longer route. Still the winter colors from the South were a little depressive, lonely, quiet compared to the snowy winters in the Northwest, which right now it’s still snowing. But the weather is comfortable, the people nice and my work came out right even thought with a few technical difficulties.

Dunbar cave is open all year from 5am until Sunset. So if you have any plans to travel, try to visit there. Until the next photowalk, just to get my mind out of stuff.

Equipment: Canon Rebel XS, 18-55mm EFS, 75-300mm EF, UV Screen
Software: Fhotoroom, Pixlr