Let’s Parkour!

I decided to go Downtown Clarksville on a sunny Sunday afternoon to do a photowalk. I use this word because of Scott Kelby which consists of a group of photographers from beginners to pro improving or mastering their photography skills in different areas of the place they reunite. But since, it’s just me, I rather use this word to improve my skills and at the same time have a little bit of my me time in the mix.

Downtown is a very small area, compared to Coeur D’Alene, ID or Spokane, it just a few historical places like the Roxy Theater, The Museum and the Courthouse. After that, it’s just a few remodeled buildings, followed by abandoned ones and a few businesses that remained open in this deserted end of the weekend. So at least the parking there is free during the weekend which is a steal compared to parking it in biggest cities that I visited which charged me an arm and a leg. I’m a cheapskate, and I just want to save more for my money, not being ripped off constantly just because of having a space. So, after I parked I prepared my camera and started shooting the view of the courthouse, which during that time the sun was very bright from the front of the building that I had a little bit of problem lowering the exposure a little, but still the sun was so bright, even with the shades it was still too bright for my taste. So, I let that go.

After the front view of the courthouse, I took pictures of the buildings nearby including the Museum, the statue on top of the courthouse, and an sculpture of a man sitting on a bench looking at the street. Doing closeups using both lenses, prime and telephoto made the difference between choosing a good angle and a composition and make it work. My camera which is a Canon Rebel XS is old, but it gets the job done and I love it. Maybe when I get some cash somewhere I could upgrade it, but in the meantime gotta be content with what I have. Never had any problems with it, and it’s always making my pictures very perfect when it comes to it.

I spend at least 15 minutes doing every type of photo until a group of teenagers accompanied by a few grownups came into the side of the courthouse and I decided to take a look. They were playful, energetic boys between the ages of 16 to almost 21 or more years old. They were running, jumping through or skipping every barrier with acrobatic strength and endurance. This art is mostly seen on social media and YouTube, as Parkour which is mostly a sport where the person have to defeat obstacles specially in urban areas through climbing, running or jumping. It is sometimes very dangerous and challenging but it is popular among teens and young adults.

During their practice, an middle aged woman who accompanied these boys assured me to take photos after we had a little short chat. I thanked her and immediately took photos from their practice which was consisted of endurance, jumping, flips and running, sometimes they tell jokes, play around, making fools of themselves.

I had fun even though I made a few critical mistakes when it comes to moving objects and sports. I didn’t set the camera to AI Servo which helps the object to be stable during movements. Also, setting the camera to Shutter Priority Mode which also is for controlling the blur in movement. Instead, I used Manual and twitched a little. But still, the photos came out beautifully with a little bit of blur from the object.

After the job was done, I headed out to my home, edited the pictures in two hours and posted it on my Facebook and their group which is Middle Tennessee Parkour. At least, it was a good learning experience to understanding more of what my camera could handle and how I could learn from it.

Equipment: Canon Rebel XS
Lens: 18-55mm EFS
75-300mm EF
Editing: Fhotoroom and Pixlr

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