Real Men Provide, Period!

A billboard came up a few days ago located on I-40 between Greensboro and Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with just 6 words.

Real men provide
Real women appreciated it

These words have mixed reviews all around Social Media in the sense that some love it and some hate it. But no matter what’s their intentions since the advertising billboard company won’t tell who could pay thousands of dollars to put this sign, it draws a thought and some a nerve with how Americans view Marriage partnerships and Gender Roles, which many failed to identify.

Like I said many times before. Men are the providers, the leaders, the warriors to defend protect and maintain their circle, their family and their community. Without them, there’s no family, no circle, no community. Women should appreciate them in the terms that they choose YOU to be their one and only, even with all your flaws, imperfections and secrets. And also contributing their duty by taking care of the children (not necessarily have to drop them off to child care and off they go to their “jobs” that later protest them to get more equally paid as the men), by teaching them right from wrong, taking care of the household, (cleaning, cooking, gardening, sewing {which is a dead art, now a days}, healing), and more importantly taking care of the husband.

But in the days that the Feminist movement along with free love from the 1970’s, it destroyed the whole traditional or nuclear family to it’s core, to the point that divorces skyrocketed, children became hurt because of this disintegration along with the “liberties and “sexual freedom” from Feminists over the decades create the new standard in family structure: The Single Mothers. And we’re paying the price in seeing men who don’t have character like their did in the beginning of the 20th century. Where men are mostly confused, unmotivated, unsure of what their path is and feminized every aspect of their masculinity being confused with being a homosexual. They can’t support when they can’t even try to support themselves, leaving the Feminist taking all the piece of the cake and eat it in large quantities for the sake of the destruction of the male species. And it doesn’t stop there, their consequences of their actions by Feminists affects it for generations. Until, men will stand up and grow a pair to denounce this catastrophic structure before men are nearly extinct from the fact of the earth. Because honestly, the only thing women today that appreciate men these days it’s their sperm.

What do you think:

Should Men would reclaim their spot to be like they used to?

Or should Feminists will bitch and moan about this billboard?

What steps should we do to go back to the Traditional Family Structure?


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