How Swirling Doesn’t Mean In The End You get The Prince

One of the many hurdles single Black women face every day of their lives is the desire of finding or being found by a mate. The catch however when it comes to  find a man that have their own interests, goals, feelings are practically none, due to the fact that many Black Men are damaged. When I say damaged it means, of being trapped in situations that put themselves undatable. In the process, while a huge variety of Black women accidentally become single mothers, the other percent choose to get a career, have their own things and at the same time being “independent.” By the time, they’re nearly passing their youthful prime and after failing attempts in the dating world, they try to settle with meeting men outside of their race. And it’s nothing bad choosing a white boy to have a relationship with.

But there’s a catch…

Primarily, Caucasian males choose their partner equal to them for the sole goal of procreation and extension of their race. Tales and stories (some with a tragic end) backed up the fact that interracial relationships specially with Black Women doesn’t end up well, even if indeed they tie the knot. Many of Caucasian boys wants a BW for the reason of experimentation and conquest, NOT for the phrase “Once you go Black, you never go back” which is the biggest myth that Black people falls for. For my experience, I dealt with a bad relationship with a White guy that turned into a abusive situation. After the separation I met guys that actually didn’t want to get serious or have a relationship. In fact, they were just only for the physical aspect, not for the other parts. But you could ask, “You could met this guy at a bar or on Social Media. Or the most common, “maybe you picked up the wrong guy.” So how you gonna believe otherwise that you gonna meet this white guy in shiny armor “wooing” at your feet with the “right intentions” but in reality they will marry their own because it’s in their mentality, followed by their social standards brought by their parents? There’s a tiny percent of these Caucasian males available for you, but they have their own taste  which cause a lot of Black women being rejected. You see where I’m going with this? It means, if you want to stay single, stay single if you can’t find a man that actually is on your own sync. But if you’re desperate, go ahead and get a white dude. But if you want a man who will honor, respect, provide, take care of you and be Black, you might or not might get what you looking for.