Building Bridges

A short from Omeleto named “The Moped Diaries” tells a story about a man experiencing loss and break-up during his childhood, adolescent and adulthood. He faced lost of both his parents, his brother and his childhood love and he was feeling hopeless, depressed, unmotivated.

Experiencing lost have a certain toll on every body’s life. One way or the other human beings dealt with loses in their lifetime. The issue is how to they cope? How do they get back into the life they used to be? How do they continue marching on? Because honestly, bad experiences, traumatic events serious cause a damage not only in our brains, but our emotions. It feels like when you suffer from a loss or a tragic event, your world stop cold turkey and you either have to recoup your losses.

There’s also the decision of leaving behind. In the short, his mother left her own family due to the fact that her husband couldn’t move forward after losing a job in the fishing field. And it applies to every situation. When you can’t have more than you can’t handle, without support or help, you leave in order to survive and to start from scratch what your life should be.

Choices is always in our minds when it comes to selecting the chosen path. His brother, didn’t have no guidance, except from his guardian, and choose to rob a firecracker store. He was the kind of a guy that actually won’t give a damn about the consequences of his actions, until it was very too late. Choosing between good deeds and evil wrongdoing has it’s consequences after all, that would not only affect the person who caused it but the ones closest as well.

Loving someone is the most deepest as well as hurtful feeling at all. When you love someone, you have that anticipation, that happiness, that hope, that favorite song stuck in your head and feel like you’re flying all around the world. Sharing your secrets, your words, your world and everything for that person and think that it will last for the rest of your life. But reality is that things change. Love change. Someone that could appear out of nowhere and without even know it, it will distance it, it will abandon it. Or for some certain events, your love isn’t in love with you anymore. She or he have to move on to find their own happiness, their own life. Your love of your live stopped going to jump in the river with you. And she or he is gone from your life as well. That would be very hurtful. But for the other person who leaves, it’s a new beginning, it’s a new life with a new person and it’s nothing wrong about it. It’s means moving on, starting over the process to make it better this time. But for the man in the story, the damages, the sorrow, the abandonment  weighted more than the good events of his life.

When bad circumstances, outlives the positive, to recoup from it, takes some serious work and some serious determination to fight it. It is NOT very easy to overcome the hurt, the bad experiences and thinking that everything will be fine. In the past, when you don’t have hope, you do everything in order to end it. But when there’s hope, no matter how tiny it is, it would give you the light to see where you going before seeing that light. But sometimes, you need to receive a dose of “Waking Up” to actually lift you up and start walking. You can mop and cry all you want, but there’s a time that you actually have to stand up and keep on thinking outside the box. It’s the battle of the fittest, (not necessarily have to be with the physical aspect) where you have to be strong to survive the road of thorn in order to get into the garden. That’s how life is, going for puddles of mud, treacherous vines, to reach that flower bed.

This man in this story, proves that even though he endured a lot of setbacks and abandonment, and losses, he was still able to start a new adventure. Write a new chapter, leave everything behind, not looking back and you will see the light.