The Misseducation of Donald Trump

Where should I start?

I tried to ignore the fact that this person becomes the 42nd pResident of the United States, even thought Hillary Clinton has won by popular votes, and the whole “Electoral College” set a trap for some freaking reason, he just got into the seat, against the will of the people, kinda like what happened when Bush won. But the struggle is real. The nightmare is still there and the reality that this guy might destroy this country morally, financially and spiritually is taking a toll on many.

Even since he ran for earning this spot, he’s known for controversies and inspire dangerous affiliations. He’s more of a pretentious child, that say one thing and act the other while bully individuals and associations that are against his beliefs (if he has any) and form a tactical game of downgrade them bellow his level. He has been very determined to one thing specifically and it’s just close all the borders to avoid any illegals coming here to get the piece of the American pie, to shift his attention on the economy. But something or many things went wrong. And that includes his ethics. What the things that a lot of naysayers and some people who voted for this person regret it? Here’s some of the list and it’s not in order but it shows how a President shouldn’t act.

Lack of Manners

During the inauguration, the public saw the lack of courtesy, manners and behavior that Mr. Trump exhibited. While Obama and his wife, were trying to make his wife comfortable instead of being left out among other things. It was such a laughingstock seeing him like he’s NOT married except when he feels like it to talk to his wife from time to time like she was a stranger or worst like a escort.

Also, he have been actually focus on himself, talking about himself, reminding of himself. You know what the meaning of it is? It’s called Narcissism.

Not As Advertised

When Trump directed to it’s people, what he was going to do it felt like it was compared to a preacher delivering the message from God that brings “hope.” Some of the many of what he said during the Presidential campaign were:

Hillary Clinton is going to jail

Going to build a wall and Mexico has to pay it

Going to Eliminate Obamacare

As soon as he got elected, things have been going backwards. When he decided NOT to put Clinton on trial for the deletion of e-mails. Going to build the wall, but at the expense of the American Taxpayers, not Mexicans and still can’t come out close to eliminate their dreaded Obamacare with something that can actually work for the benefit of the people, not for the corporations.

Conflict of Interests

When it comes to Trump family, it is like Americans have been hit with a semi-monarchy where when you get a candidate, you have to deal with the whole family as well. The difference however is that Trump is the most numbered in terms of people. Along with his escort Melania, he have a few sons and daughters that actually wants the piece of the cake as well. Some of them are doing business with corporations that could compromise his stance (if he have one). And now the case of Ivanka Trump fashion line being eliminated at Nordstrom, now the “caring” father is angry. So angry that Kellyanne Conway was defending his daughter’s interests by buying her fashion line and denounce what Nordstrom has done to his little daughter.

Not Finding Where To Stand

One of the worst qualities of Trump, obviously is the lack of direction in the terms of what plans (rational ones) can implement without causing a lot of controversies. Control what he says, and keep his composure (which is non-existent) and most importantly being in control of the situation. Sadly, he can’t do any of those things and instead acts like a nagging spoiled brat, asking for stuff he can’t have. His behavior is out of what other prior presidents avoided over the course of a century because it sounded like being an idiot to the whole world.

Reality of this pResident is that for the first time in the history of the United States, we have the bad version of Mnt. Dew Camacho (from Idiocracy) and it’s not even funny to laugh at anymore. We need some serious overhaul, fast or something will overhaul this country terribly, because obviously, there’s no change!