Why Get the Cow…

In this generation there have been a lot of shifting in terms of who do you choose, how long you’re gonna spend time with this person and the big question if you can live with this person for the rest of your life. You know what it’s called? It’s called courtship, and it’s a very solid method to meet your significant other. But in this “advanced” world, human beings changed their methods drastically.

In the article by the New York Post, Millennials can’t settle to have to do all the work in meeting a person, get to know their strengths and their weaknesses and quickly jump into the sex part. Their excuse: to see if they’re “compatible” in the bed, first before getting to know the person. And that’s pretty dangerous to say at least. In this article, Dr. Helen Fisher added that “Millennials are busy, they’re very active and ambitious. What they’re going to do is to hop in the bed right away. You learn a lot between the sheets.”

Ok, here what I’m going to disagree with her statement. First of all, in prior generations, when person sleeps with a woman on the first date, either she’s easy or they just want a one night stand. Having sex with the person before finding out their compatibility is a huge risk in both parties. Maybe one person just want to have fun, while the other (mostly females) get too attached and emotional from it. Friends with benefits is all in the rage these days, without knowing what the consequences if it’s not breaking a condom, it has a huge potential of breaking the other partner’s heart and intentions. And sorry, did she said “Ambitious, busy and active in the same sentence?” I think the older generation were like that.

If they were ambitious, they should get any person they want to, but seriously going on the bed before meeting the person doesn’t mean that, it means seriously, you’re a douchebag. Active? Perhaps, by all these sexual tactics in the bedroom but from the sake of me, I never see a Millennial keeping a job for more than 5 years, not even 1. Active? Going on rallies sounds fair?

The issue of dating is this. Courtship is a battlefield where you can win or lose depending on the situation, partner’s emotions, beliefs, dislikes and likes. It’s confusing, challenging because you have to forget yourself to focus on your partner, and vice versa and if they go along together, well, you have it. A nice couple going for the next level with is having a relationship to the point of getting married. Sex will come before or after marriage. But not when you meet a person without knowing first. That will sound odd and somewhat with misunderstandings that can draw couples apart.

Problems with Millennials these days is the lack of social interactions, plain and simple. It doesn’t add the issue of having sex to just have a great chemistry could mean you understand your significant other. Another thing is the lack of self-control by going to the third base without testing the waters first and there you have it, a complete snafu of confused emotions, heartaches and loneliness. Because honestly, do they think that sleeping around would mean having a companionship? Once you get the milk, you just go for the next one and so forth without buying the cow. And by the time, you want to settle down, you have all these baggage of bad experiences in and out of the bedroom. Doesn’t it sounds legit to do this like rational adults instead of behaving like animals?