It Takes Guts

In a mini-documentary from a YouTube channel Omeleto, a man named Tom embraced a challenge that most men now-a-days doesn’t even dare to do this. He started the day asking for some women from where he lives to date him. He was very nervous to do this task since we’re living in a computer era where if people wants to date, they have to get online into dating websites in order to get a date or get a relationship in the long run.

Mostly, when it comes to dating is it mostly women choosing which partner will be comfortable with from the get-go. But before feminism, it was always the decision of choosing by males, which they could choose the right person to live the rest of their lives in marriage. But since feminism and “free love” came into light in the 70’s, dating has been shifted to the point that men can’t have the initiative of making the first move. Trust me, dating for me has been a rollercoaster that I could ended up puking after too much twists and turns because of the lack of drive, determination from males. And basically, finding an Alpha-male is very difficult or impossible to find.

When it comes for a man who have that drive, determination and dominance, many fotolia_79289130_subscription_monthly_mfeminists consider it a threat rather than an asset for building the traditional family. In the past, men would go and ask a woman they know from their circle, if he really like the woman, to get to know that woman better through asking her on a date. Mostly 97% to 100% are going to say yes. But in this era, it is absolutely nearly impossible due to the fact of sexual harassment, rape, and domestic abuse issues that draw men into diverting their driven, aggressive energy. Many men doesn’t go for that route for the fear of being labeled a creep, a pervert and an abuser. But, why is it turned that way to the point that the Alpha-Male is non-existent? Blame the feminists!

In this video, Tom asked for several women, and even used his charms, trying to woo them by complementing even from the way they dressed to what they’re doing. It was kind of a ice breaker that many men in the past used to do, but for feminists and even women influenced by feminists beliefs that it’s constitutes a threat, “triggering” if I say it, 15911_902619303122992_5442734858186305380_nbecause it means a violation of their personal”space.” Even he worked his ass off in all this without making them feeling uncomfortable, the majority of these feminazis replied with the simple “No.” There were some lying about “I have a boyfriend” to even one person shut the door in his face. And I wonder who’s the perfect man for them? Because honestly he is not a buff type of man who workout at the gym like Travis Deslauler, he is just an average Joe trying to make a point and to prove himself that meeting some random stranger to at least accept his offer without thinking this guy is a complete psycho for a lot of these women.

Today’s standards of meeting women has become a chore for men that they actually wait to see a response from women, instead of doing the first move without being afraid of turned down or being labeled. It seems that women have to do all the work instead of the men and sadly it ends not in good terms. For Tom, after spending even a whole day and part of the night trying to get a date, at least he met someone who don’t like the new dating approach of doing all the work, and have a great time with him. Why women doesn’t give men a chance to at least, impressing them? No wonder, these women complain why they can’t get a man! Maybe if men would start getting into their roots, tapping into their driven energy without going to the hassle of going online, they could get the right woman to share the rest of his life. In the meantime, if this “new dating” persist, there will be more lonely men and women just because of feminist ideals.