North Dakota

As the sky went light and sun started to come out my GPS was telling me “Welcome to North Dakota.” I just screamed for joy, not only because I was out of the long mysterious and tiring route of Montana, but I was going for the middle of the road.

I was hoping for my payday to come into my account, because the night before, I didn’t have enough to pull through or even rent a room. But in the early morning, I check my account and long and behold I receive my paycheck. So, after a few minutes fixing some stuff, I finally got the money I needed and immediately went to a restaurant called trappers-inn“Trapper’s Kettle” to eat some breakfast. This restaurant has a authentic rustic decor followed by a gift shop and on the other side is the motel if you want to stay the night. Since my diet consisted on eating just a small bag of honey roasted peanuts and drinking water, right now in the morning I only wanted some hashbrowns, with sausage and two hard fried eggs. I was careful, since I was still on a restrictive diet due to working out, but still I have to enjoy the little cheat things. Except for the sausage which it was a little bit weird tasting. After eating, I decided to stay for a little bit in order to get a little bit while watching the things on the gift shop, going to the restroom, broadcasting stuff on Instagram, but avoiding posting stuff on Facebook for a little bit, until I was heading to my destination. So, there I went driving up to the afternoon where I landed in a small town called Jamestown. But as always have to stop at the gas stations because when I need to go, I have to go. But I didn’t want to be from rest stop to another, so by the afternoon, I went to Motel 6, got a room, and it felt like I was home.

After I landed, one of the things I wanted to do in a long time was taking a hot steamy bath. While the weather in North Dakota is still in the minus, it was relaxing, soothing and calming in the tub. But taking my shoes and socks off to watch my pinky toes turned red as a sign that it was to the point of having frostbite it was a little bit discomforting. At least, I didn’t have no complications from it, thank goodness but it was a little bit scary the night before, not feeling my toes. So, I put some of the stuff, and worries and problems out of my brain after the bath to at least celebrate my independence. So the best thing about Jamestown is there’s one of my favorite restaurants that I used to go when I was in Coeur D’alene with my best friends, Applebees. So, I wore just skinny jeans, with suede boots and a blue thick sweater, with my violet jacket and there I went by car to the place.

At Applebees, the atmosphere was a little bit cramped since it’s smaller than the one in CDA, but has the same atmosphere. I sat in the bar where I ordered my favorite drink to start the night: a shot of Tangueray. In a regular bar they serve the shots in a tiny glass, but in this restaurant, it’s just a half of the content on a medium sized glass. I was puzzled, as I told the bartender, about the size of the glasses. It makes me feel like they ripped me off for some sort, but since I was polite about the whole issue, she was giving me another shot on the house, which wasn’t bad. It was awesome. During that stay, I meet a Black man, (for the first time in decades) and have a nice conversation. He was visiting and also work in the area temporarily before heading south. He wasn’t alone, since his co-workers were there as well. Then I ordered, a Jaggermaister, and ordered some appetizers, to just control my buzz. But still, I was enjoying every single minute of it. The guy left in like a half an hour but still, I was finishing on my meal. And I left Applebees, I saw Walmart, so mine as well, go there, get some bottle of wine and stay at the room for the rest of the night. But at Walmart, is different. The alcohol beverages are separated in a small store on the side. At least, it was a bonanza of spirits, beers and wines. So I decided that instead of buying wine (which I always get Reisling, or Moscato), I got a bottle of Fireball. I went back to the motel, put some music on, dance a little bit. Checked one of my best friends, dancing for my freedom on Instagram. And he was my lifeline in terms that he always made me laugh even in my sad times. Without him, I didn’t know where I was heading to. He was the one who motivated me to choose whether staying or finding my own happiness.  So I answered on his Instagram the same way, by wearing my Wonder Woman onesie and danced to “All The Single Ladies” by Beyonce. Then, after drinking Fireball, I felt drunk, so I went to bed. But at least, it was better than last night, where I was enduring the minus degrees weather and in the dark of the night.

Now, after solo party was over, I woke up early in the morning because my goal right now is try to arrive to Michigan. So, I took my last shower in the hotel, grab my things, including my clothes, my shoes, my laptop and head into the car. But wait! As soon as I turn up the ignition in the car, my car didn’t start and I knew it was the damn battery that is dying, because of the harsh temperatures. I immediately freak out. I’m by myself, I didn’t have a jumper cable to at least, awaken the car. So, I asked a stranger if he have a jumper cable to at least start the car. He indeed helped me started the car, and I felt grateful that a person like that is willing to help. His wife must be so proud of having a great husband who helped others without asking for nothing. As my car was fixed, I immediately left the motel and left Jamestown to then go forward. At least, North Dakota isn’t that as big as Montana, it was a breeze in terms that the roads weren’t covered in snow, or it was snowing, but it was shorter overall.

Now to a town that one of my best friends was raised: Minnesota.