Photo Skills

During the first week out of my abusive relationship, I finally landed in Grand Rapids, MI to see my sister that I didn’t see her for 12 years. In a few days, I grabbed my camera and took pictures of the city that I left before embarking on what I thought it was an adventure but instead it was just the opposite. The problem however is since I don’t have Photoshop anymore, I must find an alternate that I could edit my photos, specially Raw files. The results that I found is an app for Windows 8 called Fhotoroom. It’s a simple editing tool to edit and enhance your photos but the downside to it is that there’s no text to put in the photos as a precaution to avoid so-called photodouches from copying. So I found another to compliment it, Pixlr in which you can download their program or use their online version of the software.

So, I decided to do my photowalk twice, once with a friend of mine and then by myself. And let me tell you guys, the weather is unmerciful. Even with gloves on, and a thick jacket, the chill wind often more pain than everything else. But I was taking pictures until I couldn’t feel my hands.


Starting the walk and into the depths of downtown. As the snow started to vanished it was greeted with rain the day before so you see the whole amount of icy roads after.


The ice started to melt and break. It is very high during this year.


In front of the Gerald Ford Museum



At the rest stop the first day of photoshoot, my best friend John was testing my camera and took a picture of me at the restaurant I used to work before heading to Idaho. At least, they recognized me, which was very pleasant. I was tired, with my dark circles, but I was energetic and happy being on this changed city.


The ice was at a standstill, until the furious waters destroyed it, and the sound of the ice crashing the bridge is somewhat scary. Don’t know how these bridges stand the harsh thick ice…

But still, I had fun while being in the city that I loved before moving up to the country side. It kinds of brings me the energy I needed to go on to the next destination. I had fun, I talked to my family, took pictures and never forgot to keep my body in shape by going to the gym. It was such a nice mini vacation despite what I was going through. And the best part, my passion for photography has been reignited.