During the first day of his election pResident Donald Trump, many women and men were prepared to do their own form of protest by walking in their cities and express their discontent with his position and also where the electoral college managed things. Fair and square, Hillary won, but there were loopholes that sadly this “college” caused the shift in favor of Trump. Many of these republicans who bashed Obama during his first four years isn’t going away without a fight. When they were “celebrating,” the majority of the population were angered, “triggered,” and worst of all confused of the outcome and they’re ready to do what ever it takes to give their word, their mind across. The republicans and the alt-right didn’t like it a bit, so they’re doing whatever it takes to shift them down to their level or below it. By calling them simply “Snowflakes,” they could have the bottom of all the jokes, being ridiculed and being bullied by the jocks of Capitol Hill.

But here’s the definition of Snowflake:

A snowflake is either a single ice crystal or an aggregation of ice crystals which falls through the Earth’s atmosphere as snow.

Most snowflakes when they’re viewed microscopically, it comes very beautifully crafted. It’s is the object of many photographers to catch a snapshot of these beauty on their photo portfolios. It is  very mysterious and at the same time very tricky to capture at the right time. But when it does, it is like getting a treasure.

But now, it’s definition has been changed to fill these republican’s agenda to at least bully these protesters who have all the rights to do so, by marching the streets of their cities and in Washington, DC to let their message known to the pResident; that if they decide to go back to the ways of before feminism, before civil rights and before the acceptance of the Gay/Lesbian and Transgender community and immigration, it’s gonna be a hell to pay. So instead of respecting their choice of their discontent, these Republicans make fun of them by simply calling them Snowflakes.

To find the definition of Snowflake now a days is nothing difficult. Many of the alt-right find this word as people who are entitled. Cry babies, cowards, violent, anti-Trump supporters. But Snowflakes are millennials who are in college or Universities, who seek to avoid emotionally charged topics or dissenting ideas and opinions. But this is one of the opinions that the Republicans or/and the alt-right is doing to discredit these people. By denigrating, humiliating and also using Social Media as a way to disturb their views.

But no matter how hard it is to put these Snowflakes in the mud, it always come more, just like Winter where a few snowflakes doesn’t cover the streets, it needs almost 3 to 5 inches of snow to cover it. In other words, this is nothing, compared to what’s going to happen in a short amount of weeks where people are going to become more pro-active in the sense of not letting their rights violated in any means by  the government who wants to control their lives by oppressing their freedoms and liberties. Being called a snowflake isn’t an insult. It’s more of a beautiful meaning.