Short Notice

First and last… The Obama Family.

They endured a lot of insults about his naturalization, myths about who his mom and father is, mean, racist insults about his wife by calling her an “ape in heels”, while their daughters are symbolically shamed because the elder was caught smoking Marijuana at a music festival. Followed by Republicans blocked every plan that the President has, with their lack of respect towards him. It felt like he was an unwanted man to be taking charge of this country for the single fact that he’s a man of color. How many could remember the day that when President Obama was doing a speech in the congress, some jackass screamed “That’s a Lie?” Never in the life of me someone could stand up and say those words without being punished for doing so. There were hecklers, screamers and ignorant individuals who just because they have the most crazy, racist, and dumb believes they resorted to act like their word is only right. Meanwhile, Obama didn’t bulge, even thought like any other president makes mistakes, he just carry on the best he could to at least bring this country a little bit better.

But during the sad transition, still, I see a lot of people, still insulting his name, his family and bash his reputation like he was still unwanted. At least Obama, let the haters, hate, because he have a lot of supporters who just wished to have a third term, if it was a miracle. The thing is he did what he could, HE IS NOT PERFECT! No one could expect a president fix the complicated loopholes, oppositions and blocked walls in a day. It requires time to do things. It requires team effort which he didn’t have the right team to fix the problems that Bush caused over his 8 years of torture. At least, there’s some liberties in whom should married, which bathroom should go to, where should we smoke weed and getting free contraceptives for women at no charge (often they put it over the counter). No other president would do the things he did in 8 years.

But still, I feel disgusted reading messages and replies from Facebook, by individuals who masked themselves in front of the computer saying demeaning, insulting, racist comments to a family that worked hard, even with their imperfections. Guided by their emotions, and their political beliefs rather than facts. And it infuriates me. But you can’t change stupid, no matter how you give them convincing words of wisdom. Stupid will be stupid. You have to let it go and move on. Just like the Obamas, they just ignore the haters and move on. I wish them well on their journey and I give them thanks for at least fixing a little. I don’t have to agree on everything, but at least, our freedom to be who we are is still intact.