The dissappearance of Hillary

She was planning her own campaign full of promises and full of words to convinced everyone the happy ending that millions of Americans have been wishing, praying and yearning for decades. A healthcare that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, a great job market with good decent pay and benefits, seniors who could be able to live on their own without thinking about what stuff they have to live, or eat, and best of all the rights of women over reproductive rights. All against a candidate who is obviously the opposite side of the spectrum who offers nothing more than hatred against minorities, against women and against the poor and seniors, not forgetting the disabled.

We thought she have everything to win, but in the real world, even that becomes cruel and unreal. The day of the election by the end of the night, only one person prevailed to be the winner. Sadly, it wasn’t what the American people think it will end that way. What started as the change of a nation resulted in a media frenzy unreal nightmare. Even I because baffled by the next morning when images of this person came in the front of the screen waving his hands in sign of victory. It was a tough pills to swallow as my instincts were freaking annoyed with fear of the unknown. After that Hillary Clinton just left a huge sigh, disappointment and then after, she just vanished.

No news interviews after her defeat, no “what’s next” from the candidate, no nothing. It was like the earth showed her teeth to then just swallow her whole. The only person who was active through the whole ordeal was Bernie Sanders who was supposed to be hand by hand with Donald Trump, but since Democrats put him on the bleachers to let the wife of Bill Clinton play politics, there you have it… we have lost the only thing that keeps this nation a little bit sane. But still, where’s Hillary? Where’s she’s been? What’s her next strategy after her unjustified loss? Since she didn’t got what she wanted it, better to just hide from existence, than to deal with reality or to fight for it.

And even thought the votes were in her favor, reality is that the “Electoral College” didn’t acknowledge these votes and opted for the man with the money in his pocket than a person who won fair and square. It’s a  sad day on America, where when it was supposed to be the first woman elected president, the government along with the rich elite tricked people into believing this guy is the next president of this country. It’s a very sad state of affairs…