Debate 2016:Two People Enter Two People Can Get The Hell Out!

At first I was restless, not convinced and honestly not interested about the first presidential debate between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. This year’s debate is comparing to a bad episode of American Idol where the public has to choose between a mediocre singer  with a attitude or a experience singer with a shady past. For the first time both candidates aren’t exactly the greatest choices in terms of their reputation, tactics and strategies to gain the attention of voters. Hilary and Donald had a very shady pasts, both are popular in terms of their charisma and both had endured a lot of controversies in their careers, but neither candidates can’t show any accomplishments or achievements in the long road.

Before the debate, candidate, Donald Trump has been extremely vocal with his beliefs and convictions no matter how disturbed, offensive or controversial it may be. From his stance in immigration to denigrating women to not disclosing his federal taxes, he has been the energetic voice of the Republican Party even if it’s members doesn’t agree with his stance. Hilary on the other hand has more experience is politics than actually making her ideas or programs work. She’s like a suburb mother with an aluminum fist to crush anything that stand in her way no matter if her past has been trying to caught up. Still, they’re still the lesser of two evils and the American Public have to be extremely careful who they choose, because this is about life of a country of death of United States.

But let’s go back to the issue whether if I watched the debate or not. In this “great” night, what disappoint me was the lack of the two more candidates, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein that can offer more solutions and effective plans than arguing over who did what or didn’t do. Just remember, these debates are focused on those two political parties which has the majority of the votes, while the third party are put under the rug. Even thought Stein and Johnson are using social media effectively to gain the attention of the voters, the media still ignores them or gave them little attention. So, as my curiosity grew, I decided to watch this “show” out to find out if the career politician and the controversial business man has any ideas to build this country or destroy it. And here’s my opinion on what happened on Monday.

The Debate Has Begun:


“Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls… Dying Time’s Here”–Quote from MadMax Beyond Thunderdome

The moderator of the Debate, Lester Holt didn’t have the aggressive stance to ask the important questions such as: Immigration, Women’s Rights, Government Corruption and Politicians influenced by Big Banks and Big CEO’s, Domestic Terrorism among other issues. Instead, it was just subjects that are easily managed and selected to keep the audience a little bit blind with half truths. Before the debate it has been advised the audience to avoid booing or clapping to the candidates among having their cellphones off and not using them for taking photos except the media. Which is weird because it’s like the audience are barred from displaying any type of emotion.

The Battle is on… Or not…

Hilary Clinton reminded her plans to raise the tax for the wealthy in order to help the middle class. And also plans to make tuition-free college (which was Bernie Sander’s Idea).But what about the poor? What about the homeless? Is she as any other politician is going to ignore these people? Because there’s nothing about effective programs to help the poor step up the ladder. Meanwhile Trump was the opposite which was cutting the tax even more for the wealthy and started attacking Clinton which she dodged and counterattacked him by focusing on his lack of paying his federal taxes.

“Typical politician. All Talk, no action.” Trump said in his defense while talking about his businesses and his money which ran short of convincing the public and trying to humiliate Hilary, but instead he was dumb in demanding something that he or the public never see:

“I will release my tax results as soon as Mrs. Clinton released 33,000 emails that has been deleted.”

Mr. Trump with all honesty, once the emails has been deleted there’s no way back you can’t recover it.

Now the Race Issue which was part of the next subject of America’s Direction which we all get sick of it. Mrs. Clinton was focusing her speech towards a little bit of this and a little bit of that. A little bit of Gun Control, the aftermath of Charlotte and Oklahoma, and how the can she improve the communities by building trust on the police dept. Implementing programs and classes for policemen to be very effective without using violence and force. Meanwhile, Trump wants Law and Order, all while talking about his investments… Okay, Trump, that’s enough with the whole “I have a lot of friends, investments, business” crap. Just stick it to the issues! Law and order in terms that he wants to stop the violence by instituting law and order. He was issuing “Stop and Frisk” program that has been outlawed in New York because it deemed unconstitutional.  Clinton on the other hand, specified that “Stop and Frisk” wasn’t effective because it was enforced towards minorities. Emphasizing on helping police dept. specially on programs that can help them on their wellbeing and safety.

Please Stop with Obama birth certificate again! Hillary disclosed his lawsuit where Trump discriminated against people of color in the 70’s. His response? “We’re Settled with no admission of guilt!” Followed by “You were offending him before, you’re NOT a saint.”

It was more of a back and forth than telling about their flaws that trying to figure it out what’s the best effective method to restore communities that has been affected by racial discrimination specially in the law. Even Clinton programs aren’t that gonna be able to help when his husband created the Crime Bill in the mid 90’s

Now for the Cyber Attack and Talking about ISIS:

It’s a very complex issue for both candidates, but still both lacked the expertise on creating ideas and programs to fix and deter cyber attacks specially from Russia in which Trump was saying in other terms “Bring it on” without even thinking. Trump blaming Clinton for the mistakes she did about Iran deal, not controlling the oil supply in the middle east.

Back and Forth Conclusion…

It doesn’t seem like a real debate for me. Instead it was just a goofy comedy you need to drink some beer or a couple of shots to get used to the combative back and forth of these people. During the debate there were a lot of body language specially Hillary Clinton with her trademark, smile, smirk and crackle every time that Donald Trump say something that could make her a little bit uncomfortable… but then, she just pounce with such forced than Trump could fall out of his podium. Meanwhile Trump as a narcissist guy he is, he was just telling his fortunes and properties and investments like a unwanted guy at a bar telling about his car. It’s unnecessary from his part, period. It’s a debate, not a contest! But overall, it wasn’t effective or memorable or make us think if their ideas could seem to work. It was more about convincing the voters to place their votes on them even thought they’re not doing a good job just because they want to seat in the white house. It was better if Gary Johnson and Jill Stein could also participate in this debate. It could be a little bit refreshing.