YouTube And Censorship

YouTube has added again to impact youtubers to the point their wrath is going against them. They placed a new implementation regarding which content is permitted to be monetized. In that new guidelines, any content that has been deemed:

  • Sexually suggestive content
  • Violence
  • Inappropriate Language
  • Promotion of Drugs and other regulated substances
  • Controversial or sensitive subjects and events

That it’s in violation with those guidelines, their videos are deemed demonetized. And you know what that means? Two things: Censorship and Punishment.

Censorship because YouTube has been the central hub of information for years, not only for comedy, music but also for news, sports, events that many news outlets can’t cover or aren’t interested. Also, it restrict our freedom of speech for a lot of youtubers who want to get their point across in order to get fans.

And Punishment because after all this is about spending a huge amount of hours creating, editing and uploading their videos, at the sign of talking about these subjects against their guidelines, it’s deemed demonetized and they’re in fact losing money specially big youtubers who has spent around 10 or some years delivering content for their fans. Phillip DeFranco is upset about the new guidelines, not only that Boogie among others are severally pissed because of that new rule.

So that means that it has to be clean, with no vulgarity in order to get paid? What happen with the freedom of speech? What happen with the freedom and the flexibility of the majority of youtubers to earn money? I mean, THIS ISN’T FREAKING RIGHT! In my opinion, this is just to say, you have to earn money someplace else, right? They have adsense, if not, they go Patreon, if you’re a gamer, go to Twitch. But if you want to struggle like there’s no tomorrow while censor everything, go to youtube.

Still, there’s no alternatives that can destroy this violent giant.

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