Fashion Statement: Protesting The National Anthem

Few weeks ago football player from the 49ers, Colin Kaepernick sat instead of standing up like anyone else while the American National Anthem was playing in the background. Kaepernick’s reasons were obvious, as a Black man, he encounter many injustices to African-Americans regarding their way of life, achieving their goals and dreams and in the end being deny opportunities that can help them grow and reach their American Dream. With the recent events regarding police brutality against them, Kaepernick took the stand and decided to sit on the benches instead of respecting the anthem. The people response regarding this incident were a little bit in favor of his actions. But not only Kaepernick did that, US female Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe instead of sitting down she just kneel in protest of what Gay People are facing in America. Still, the same response from social media regarding her actions, were positive and supportive.

Now, here’s the issue of it all. Players are here to play and compete, not telling what they believe about issues, period. If they want to protest, they can do it when they’re NOT playing. Another issue concerning the American Anthem as well as the American Flag, both needs the respect and honor it deserves, because actually, millions of soldiers have died or got injured defending it. And yes, I understand there’s a lot of injustices and problems in this country for years, but political statements or defiant attitudes has NO place in sports at all. What Kaepernick and Rapinoe did either is to just to ignite more tension or just for show. What do you think?

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