The End of Masculinity

I honestly can’t believe what this generation is sadly going. There’s more than 2 genders now and the rest of it are more confusing than a labyrinth that you can’t escape from. It seems that normal things like dating, meeting someone for the purpose of marriage, has been throw out of the window. Instead, it’s just tinder, fuckboys, one night stands, sugar daddies and FWB with no string attached. We are creating a generation where men are symbolically in the back of the bus while the women are front and center, looking at the magnificent opportunities the view offers and some decide to rather pass, while men on the other hand, cannot get those things that they’re require to do so based on what they have been taught because honestly, there’s no guidance. There’s no father figure. There’s no motivation, there’s no drive and dominance, so that’s why men these days lacks determination to do their things they’re suppose to be doing in the first place!

It’s very sad and unfortunate that many women feminists or not, are complaining about the lack of men who are looking for to marry or for a date, but who’s fault is it?  It’s YOU, WOMEN! There’s no sugar coating on this! When women decide to eliminate the father figure out of the picture except for child support, these young boys doesn’t have the guidance they need to be grown up men with purpose and direction. Instead, these boys are going to have their sense of direction lost and confused. And then you wonder why guys these days doesn’t have balls.

And also society is at fault too if they keep putting young boys into a box while telling their behavior isn’t acceptable, what kind of personality, attitude are going to be? I mean, if they don’t have the first move, don’t have the drive that it’s in their genes all while restricting their behavior towards the opposite sex, they’re going to be ending up like Beta to the way of Omega Males, alone, confused and lost. And sadly, some will go on the way of homosexuality because of the upbringing they encountered over the years without a father figure. And by the way, who’s fault is this? Once again, it’s YOU women!

Feminism destroyed the whole traditional family structure, replacing fathers with Government Assistance, trying to work two jobs, being the “father” and mother unsuccessfully to raise their own kids forgetting that these young boys, these boys future depends solely on a FATHER FIGURE to learn the skills needed that a woman can’t teach, period. Boys must be taught by MEN, not women. So, next time before complaining why there’s no good men, think about your actions and decisions regarding raising young boys.

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