You Can’t Always Get What You Want

I’m dumbfounded…

In the sense that when Americans elect someone that has more integrity and more intelligence than the other person, the organizers decided this is NOT his time to shine. Instead, they put this guy sitting on a time out and control his silly ass.

That’s happened during the Democratic Convention. It was kind of a snafu of events rattled with angry people and conformists alike “united” to just serve as drama queens even thought don’t know a clue what’s going on, they already elected the person that it’s not the greatest just because it’s their choice for this year’s ballot. And it’s sad to think that Bernie has all it takes to make this country heal for once. But if he have the cojones to say “Hey, you’re rigged the damn votes!” instead of “Oh, well, support Hillary” things might be coming at a standstill.

Bernie supporters knew what’s going on and they went to the streets to protests, while burning flags and chanting, “It’s Cheating!”, “Hillary needs to go to Prison” among other crap they come up because obviously, the same thing Republicans did to put some of the members of the Bush family on the pedestal, they’re doing it now with the Clintons.

And don’t get me wrong, Bill Clinton wasn’t a mediocre President. He was trying to make this country more powerful that it was before. The problem however is his indiscretions with Monica which didn’t had the chance to opt for the second term. Instead, his wife is taking the lead, leaving him as the weird peasant on the side. But the bad side is that Hillary didn’t have any accomplishments besides being a woman who was the Secretary of State and didn’t seem to do anything that the citizens see. She had labels, but not actions to make the citizens convinced she’s the right woman for the job. And yes, I know, the issue with Bengazi and the private e-mail scandals that should be held accountable for it. Trust me, I know, and she should be in court for that, but instead they gave her a go pass because it could “ruin” the presidency race. Well, if she’s accountable for it, doesn’t suppose to charge her if they find enough evidence (which is fact there’s more to go around) to just find the truth and throw away the damn key? I mean, the Clintons are untouchables in that sense.

With all the drama and deceit the democrat party is offering to the citizens, it’s not better than voting for Trump. It makes Americans vote for the less of two evils and practically it’s not fair for Americans.