WTF! What In the World?

Last two weeks have been rough. It seems that we cannot get enough of stories of police brutality against minorities that end up dead in their hands without the proper procedure to investigate, get clues and arrest them if they find some evidence. The stories of Alton Sterling and Phillando Castile which hit the chord one more time for African-Americans to demonstrate their solidarity by doing peaceful marches and protest, were once again damaged by another incident in Texas where a sniper who was a former veteran who shoot to death some policemen and injured dozens. It was the tip of the iceberg and many question this act as the beginning of a civil war. Don’t know but I think I rather keep my fingers crossed on this one.

Then, in New York city more than 130 people were overdosed with K2, a synthetic drug causing what it’s called to be “Zombieland” where people who smoked it felt like violent raged zombies in the streets of New York. I mean who in the right mind decided to pass cigs embedded with this chemicals to strangers?  Still, there’s no news about when it started, or who were the perpetrators. Maybe if they stick to natural marijuana, it wouldn’t be that bad…

Meanwhile… More Idiots are falling off the cliff because of Pokemon Go! And this is news? How many times I have to say, Do NOT text while driving or walking or even exercising? I mean, I have to look and see if there’s any danger for myself and others before trying to catch them all. At least, those two people weren’t dead, but I think they catch a big medical bill awaiting at them in their own home. This is why I stick with gaming consoles.

Now the sad part. France. This country has been hit with terrorists attack not once or twice, but now yesterday in the town of Nice, it has been attacked not by bombs or crazy guys with guns but with an 18 wheeler truck smashing pedestrians causing aprox. 84 deaths and 208 injured people. It was like out of the movie Maximum Overdrive where cars, trucks and even household appliances, killed people with no mercy. This time it was controlled by a driver who happens to be an immigrant. And then, what happens? Will France will allow more refugees to come to this battered country or they will have the decency to shut down the borders? I don’t know but to me, this ISIS is gaining territory and sadly this world is asleep…

The house, our house is on fire… should we let it burn or save it?