A few days ago one of the most beloved content creator on Youtube, Boogie 2988 has been attacked by a hacker known as Lurch by having all his content on Youtube deleted and closed. Not only that, Lurch admitted with proof he is responsible for causing this tragedy. This is the newest trend among hackers that has nothing else to do but to hack accounts of well-known celebrities from Twitter to YouTube, to even Instagram, destroying their reputation, their income and their fans.

It seems to me that this is the last straw because honestly Boogie is a great YouTuber who just happens to be one of the victims of this new trend of what I call Hackterrorism. In which hackers from all over the world try to destroy every reputation these content creators has. They’re not interested in small content creators, they’re interested in big ones like what happened at the beginning of the year with Markiplier, Riga Higa, among others and the problem is YouTube, Twitter among other social media outlets doesn’t have any strict and effective security measures to avoid this kind of situations.

Not only that, but it strikes fear and concern for all content creators who their goal is to get subscribers and fans, once they get into the million of subscribers, hacker groups or a single person creates havoc and destroy these creators’ piece of mind and honestly it’s not fair. All the years that Boogie made this channel the way it is and then one day crumbled in his hands by this person, it made me sick to my stomach and fearful of what’s gonna happen, who will be the next victim, who will be the next YouTube celebrity that have to endure what Boogie, Markiplier, and others have dealt with. It seems to me that these people uses their PC’s as their weapon to strike terror whether they go and they do it without thinking about the consequences, because obviously there’s none, there’s no proper laws that can persecute them and pay for what they done. Not only hacking is the weapon of choice, but also Swatting, which is someone report a false accusation against you by calling the Swat team to visit your home and also displaying their personal information on forums so that everyone knows your private life. It needs to stop! It needs to be punishable, it needs to draw a lot of security measures to avoid this kind of situations, making youtubers safe and protected.