Last week Azealia Banks known for her harsh and raw comments from being set aside by the music producers to even draw a part of an insult to bobblehead Sarah Palin, has done it again and this time, SJW’s had enough!

The now struggling rapper wrote a comment on her now suspended Twitter about former One Direction member Zayn Malik calling him a “curry scented bitch” for copying her style while  his music and got more popularity than her. That doesn’t sound well, right? But what doesn’t sound well is the consistent bashing of her character instead of focus on her music, right? It seems that Banks still have some damage control to learn and maintain and sadly she doesn’t have a support system to derailed her negatives and focusing on the positive which is her talent and her vision.

Despite it all, she’s facing a lot of repercussions to her actions among it, being kicked out of Rinse/Born and Bred festival in the UK and the hatred of all Zayn Malik fans, internet trolls and SJW on Social Media. Her Facebook page is nothing but hatred comments, where people are burning all their hate against her from derogatory words to violent actions against her persona, her music and her talent. It was too much to see how people without knowing what’s exactly started, assumed she’s the “wicked witch of the east.”

The reality of it is that Banks is struggling. She’s not given her credit the same as new rappers in the industry because of her color of her skin. Rap was created by Blacks to express their feelings, their frustrations, their pains and sorrows of poverty and it was created in poverty stricken streets of New York before it moved the genre world wide. Azealia has all the right to be furious about the setbacks, being ignored by the media where radio stations doesn’t even want to play some of her new songs and try to assume she’s okay with it, while some people copy her style and her music and get successful from day one. By then, she got furious and she got bashed, shushed, insulted like trying to cry foul and all of the sudden the mafia tries to threaten you if you don’t back down. That’s what’s happened to her. She feels pressured to apologize to save her now crumbling career or else she will be wiped from the face of the earth. She will be stripped of her source of income, her livelihood because of what concerns her. Instead of keep it quiet, she just spoke her voice, they just shut her up while putting her in the place they want her to be.

Although her actions were out of bounds, she could do something that some people could do in cases such as this: Sue for Copyright Infringement. If she have the proof that Malik copied parts of the video, she will show it to the judge and let him/her determine if that is the case what’s the proper procedures.

Without representation or a group of people that could help her get her career running, she’s on her own and frankly it’s not good. Because every word that comes out of her mouth even if she’s in the right, people will not look that as an opinion but hatred.


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