A week ago Seattle resident Ingrid Lyne was missing after she went on a date last weekend. A few days later, her body was cut in pieces and left in a recycling bin 10 miles from her residence. 37-year old John Charston was arrested in connection to the crime. The single mother of 3 children was going on a date with the suspect to see a Mariner’s game.

And the outpuring of sympathy begins…

The woman lived in a cul-de-sac neighborhood, she’s divorced but still have contact with her ex-husband regarding custodial support. Still, there’s no story about if she have marital issues with her ex-husband. But the emphasis is that she is a beautiful white woman having the worst and tragic experience of being killed.

But where’s the sympathy for Black Women?

There’s hundred of cases where Black Women were tricked on online dating and still there’s no sympathy for them. As a matter of fact Black Women are still killed and more prone to domestic violence with their partners than any other ethnicity. But what’s gruesome is the lack of sympathy for them and their family left behind. It almost feels like their choices are just at their fault for being naive. Just like in the case of Sharae Bradford, who met a man online on Facebook and one encounter, turned tragic for her, the sympathy for this single mother is non-existent. It feels like we’re being judged, ridiculed for our actions. This woman is no different except that she is black and to damage more of her reputation the media  place the words meeting for sex.

Another story of an unidentified woman, who found a date on went to a public place and for an excuse of the man that the prices are “expensive” decided to go back into the motel, where in the middle of the trip, he robbed, shot the woman and stole her car. Where’s the sympathy on that?

Now, consider these ladies in this predicament. They’re single women looking for companionship and ended up injured or dead or chopped in that case just because they’re in fact lonely. They weren’t careful enough to be safe online and basically thought it was going to be fun. But the issue is how the story is written and whether if they put slander to cover up the truth. Ingrid’s dating website is closed to the public, but for the other women, Facebook and Badoo are the culprits… doesn’t suppose to reveal it for the sake of all women out there? The plot continues to thicken…

Update: John Charlton killed and murdered Ingrid at her home in the bathtub. His bail was set at 2 million while the Judge in the case demands that the media would NOT be taking photographs of the perpetrator. Why?

Update #2: Based on a investigative article about the incident Ingrid used the dating website Plenty of Fish.