There’s Other Important Things…

There goes another so called sexualized objectification story!

Blizzard the creators behind the most popular game World of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo changed their minds over one of the character’s victory pose in their newest game Overwatch which showed her butt suggestively. To make things worse, Jeff Kaplan decided it was too offensive to remove it and promise to do much better. The reason for this decision, a player who played the beta version wasn’t pleased with Tracker, one of the characters of the game who was posing like this:


Okay, here’s my 50 cents… The majority of the gamers are males while there’s a few percent that is women . I’m not talking about the so-called Gamer Girls, who aren’t experienced players. Jeff should ignored that complain and focus on the normal glitches and gameplay instead of a silly costume. It makes me think about how feminism is affecting videogame culture by making it more acceptable for women instead of being appealing for men.

But wait, there’s more!

Even thought Overwatch has an extensive list of 21 diverse characters to choose from different backgrounds, there’s NO BLACK GIRL in the group. There’s only one dark skin male named Lucio which isn’t enough to attract Black gamers. Yes… there’s a lot of Black gamers out there! And it’s common to not add females black characters in videogames. The only thing that we can identify with the game is the extensive customization which we can put ourselves into the gameplay. But since, the issue with the butt showing is more “important” than the lack of adding a female black character into the mix, well, consider it done.

If Mr. Kapplan adds a female character in the group, that would be great but we’re not even considered, or appreciated. It’s like we don’t even exist…