* Asquerosidad: In English is Foulness

At International Women’s Day, some “celebrity” “empowered” women all over the globe by showing herself naked. Kim Kardashian did it again without regret, prude or consequences through using Instagram a site where normal people post their families as well as beautiful scenarios from their neighborhood to parties to anything in between. Kardashian post her nude picture covered with two black strips on her privates on Monday and by Tuesday it was hot as rotten pancakes.

Let’s see…her comments because of this photo is because to “empower” women. How come posting a naked picture constitute women’s empowered? It seems the other way around… This picture doesn’t make women all around the world feel better about themselves. It looks more as a desperation tactic when all the qualities even if there’s no good qualities doesn’t impress the opposite sex. Resorting to posting a nude picture to someone or anyone doesn’t constitute this way, it constitutes that you’re just a pity whore on the street catching what ever male you get, even if you don’t feel attractive to that person.

How women be empowered?

It’s very simple…

Learn crafts: Sewing, Creating crochet, knitting, painting this are some of activities women should embrace because it helps you during your sad days and also it will help you in a emergency.

Learn to cook: Hispanics had a saying: “The way to impress a man it’s in your cooking.” It’s not about your physical, it’s about how you get to your man’s tummy. Cooking takes a somewhat of a skill and a art. Most women these days rather place Hot Pockets in the Microwave instead of taking a good time in the kitchen reading a recipe, to then make it happen. It will help you raise your self-esteem plus you made it with your own hands…

Learn to be respectful towards others: One of the many turn off by males is that women these days doesn’t have the empathy to other people. It seems out of character seeing a woman mean spiteful, hateful even to strangers. Even if they want to ask you even the time, you open your mouth like you’re a dragon. That’s not how you get a man or a friend. That’s how you’ll end up with 20 cats.

Respectful towards yourself: How can you do that? From your head to your toes.From your way you talk, the way you talk and express, the way you handle certain situations. It’s you and you alone who decides the right decision or a wrong one that lands in consequences.

Dress Appropriately: Modesty is the catalyst that every woman’s beauty. Men are fascinated by their faces and their personality. But in this era where Feminism is destroying that essence it teaches innocent and naive women that leaving nothing to the imagination is the key to catch a man or get attention. Just remember you have been given a gift that only a man can cherish. If you give it to the pigs, that’s what you receive… PIGS.

Learn to say “please” and “thank you:” Because the world doesn’t owe you anything. Humility and Simplicity are you best character strengths, use it!

Be graceful, be grateful: Because beauty dies, and you’re leaving behind a circus of stretch marks, saggy skin and wrinkles. Use your beauty from the inside to irradiate others, not your tits and ass.

Just remember ladies, things like Kim doesn’t inspire women, it denigrate them. It humiliate us, it teaches men that’s how we are, when in reality that’s not. You have to be yourself, be proud of your role, be honestly you.