Our Features Aren’t Laughinstock

Mac Cosmetics, delivered a photo featuring lips of a woman of color.


Since we’re still on Black History Month, Mac Cosmetics, who their make-up is designed for Caucasians, decided that they could “embrace diversity” by posting a photo of a dark skin woman with thick lips. The Social Media didn’t have any pity or respect for it since their Instagram had been flooded with comments, mostly racist, offensive and nasty regarding this photo.



And indeed its common that when companies that helps mostly Caucasians in “enhancing” their “beauty”by featuring a dark skin woman with thick lips, women of color are subjected to be the laugh of jokes, because of their natural features. Although there’s defenders and supporters, the respect when it comes to Black Woman’s physical as well as emotional features are still non-existent by societal standards. Still there’s the emotional hurt of thousands of Black Girls subjected to bullying, physical and sexual abuse because of their attributes. It’s causing these black girls dealing with low-self esteem, mental illness that can lead them into poor choices in their lives.

Every time corporations that benefits Caucasians tries to include Blacks, specially in advertising it’s an all time experiment to see if Whites hate minorities. Their hatred against Black women isn’t decreasing, it’s going at full force. We, Black women are being the low of the society chain for so long that it’s still incredible that in 2016 we’re not getting the respect we deserve, we need and we want to embrace.

Black women have to embrace not only their physical features but also their selves. How many times I have to repeat this? If Black women teach their own girls, motivate them, cultivate their self-esteem since the moment they’re born and remind them their potential, their purpose other than what society has been pushing them over centuries. It seems that society is keeping Black women imprisoned to stay in their place instead of letting them go, letting them free… Because that’s why they’re afraid of… our power… our potential. Our power to create a civilization and our potential to manifest our purpose, our drive, our possibilities to their kind.

Black women, do NOT hide yourselves! Do NOT feel embarrassed of your features! These Caucasian women want what you have by doing extreme surgeries and using thousands of dollars in creams. They are the ones who needs to be ridiculed, they’re the ones who needs to be in their place and they’re the ones who needs to be embarrassed of themselves. Because Black woman shaming has to stop.

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